Thursday, August 8, 2019

Introduction to Communication- Listen to Me-discussion Personal Statement

Introduction to Communication- Listen to Me-discussion - Personal Statement Example In addition, communication is a strong foundation to interactions in social set ups and transfer of information and command in organizational set ups and failure to listen compromises effectiveness of communication. Personal experience and learnt communication skills concur with the author’s opinion that distractions, such as multitasking and lack of sufficient time are key barriers to effective listening and managing these can offer a solution (Cole 61). In addition to the informative scope of the article, it is effective it its content that identifies significance of a problem and offers a solution. It is therefore able influence positive change in people’s communication through helping people to minimize distractions during communication. Developing a link between listening and attention that an individual acquires, when time to be listened to comes, also facilities effectiveness of the article in improving listening effectiveness. The level of simplicity of the article is also commendable because it is neither complicated nor too simple to be boring (Cole 61). Consequently, the author is informative and is an agent of change for effective listening and

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