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Prisons and Jails

The government has imposed punishment as a means to control crime. There are four key justifications for punishing criminals: retribution, incapacitation, deterrence, and rehabilitation (Seiter, R. P. , 2005). These four justifications serve as the goals of the United States correctional system. The other side of retribution can be simply stated that when an offender commits a crime, he must be punished for his actions. Retribution serves as a means to keep the general public safe. (Seiter, R. P. , 2005). In so many ways offenders are punished due to the crimes they commit, you are locked up in a cell and you stay there until you go in front of the judge and receive a sentence if found guilty. Now there are fines you must pay for certain crimes, community service is another consequence for a crime you have committed. No matter what the crime you will have to suffer the consequences for them. Incarceration is the most common example of punishment in the correctional system, but the death penalty and lesser penalties such as probation are also designed to be punitive. Perhaps the most obvious goals of the correctional system is to punish those who are found guilty of crimes. In theory this is suppose to serve as a deterrent against one repeating criminal activity and as an example to others of why criminal activity should be avoided. It is unclear how well the modern U. S. correctional system achieves these goals and whether the money invested in the correctional system might be better spent. The main question is does punishment deter crime at all? Retribution is an act of moral vengeance which society makes the offender suffer as much as the suffering caused by the crime committed (Macionis, 2006). People have a choice whether or not to do a crime. How Does Our Correctional System Rehabilitate Offenders? In the early 1900’s rehabilitation had emerged as the primary theory of corrections and shaped every aspect of correctional policy and practice. Then in the 1960’s and 1970’s rehabilitation was attacked for not having evidentiary standing and in the resulting turmoil. Rehabilitation has been shown to help offenders to not re-offend where as the other theories have shown to have little to no effect on the reoccurring crime rate and some in fact have been shown to have the opposite effect in increasing the reoccurring crime rate. On any given day there are more than seven million Americans under the supervision of the correctional system which includes approximately 1. 5 million inmates incarceratedin jail, 4. 2 million on probation and over 828,000 on parole according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. The statistics are staggering considering according to the U. S. Census the United States population is 307,006,550 (U. S. Census 2010). So, that means that approximately for every one hundred people two are incarcerated. Also according to the Disaster Center in 2009 31,916,949 crimes were committed in the United States. Giving inmates the opportunity to deal with the reason for entering prison and prison life, will promote alternative ways to handle negative behavioral issues (Hagebrook & Zgoba). The added medical and counsel care, in addition to requiring extensive pre-release counseling will help prepare for constructive life outside of prison. Many inmates enter prison with a mental illness and many are unaware of the illness until they are imprisoned (cdcr. ca. gov). It would be very beneficial to treat the illness head on, at that point. Which Method Is More Effective? I feel that rehabilitation would be a more effective way in reducing crime for these reasons. When an inmate has access to options to help themselves change for the better and re-enter the outside world again, then they are willing to make a difference. Now Therapy is another form of rehabilitation needed to help deter individuals from committing future crimes. Some examples of therapy include drug therapy to those offenders addicted to drugs and psychological counseling to those offenders who grew up in an abusive household. Rehabilitation can help to solve the problem of overcrowding in most prisons. The criminal population continues growing, as the death penalty has been abolished, and the state would need to spend more on facilities to house criminals. Education is one of the ways in which this positive change was affected. Education works in two levels to successfully rehabilitate the criminal. I do see that in criminal rehabilitation, prisoners are given opportunities to increase their content knowledge base. This is essential as studies show that many inmates do not have basic grade school education. Is will also impede their success of acquiring jobs, thus many had to turn to a life crime. Rehabilitation also ensures that inmates are socially well adjusted. Psychological assessments are being meted to test for mental or physical disabilities that led to their incarceration in the first place. I personally do know a few ex cons and from what they went through in prison to get help for a better life out here in society was real nice to see, I haven’t seen them even step back to the old ways they had of committing crimes, and I always hear them tell me that they just want to keep their Freedom! So I do what I can to help them stay on the right track, and if they even think that it will make them happier to back track. I just throw up what they will be missing out on in this world, and how hurt their family members will be without them daily. So with that said I for sure think that Rehabilitation is the best for our convicts these days.

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Film Camera Essay

1. What is a camera? A camera is a light-tight box containing a light sensitive material or device and a way of letting in a desired amount of light at specific times to create a picture on the light sensitive material. 2. What is a convex lens? A convex or converging lens will bend the light torward the center of the lens because one or both sides of the glass curve outward it also takes the various rays of light and bends them toward the same point which will eventually allow an image to form. 3. What three components make up a film camera? Define each part. The three components that make up a film camera are, 1. The mechanical element, which is the camera body and the parts associated with it. 2. The second one is the optical element, This is otherwise known as the camera lens, and finally, we got the chemical element, which would be the film. 4. These three different elements make up a film camera. 5. What is a pentaprism? What job does it do in the camera? 6. What are point and shoot cameras? How do they differ from SLR cameras? 7. What is JPEG? What considerations have to be kept in mind with JPEG? 8. What is the difference between optical and digital zoom? 9. What are the steps you can take to create a pinhole camera? Have you tried to make one? 10. What are some of the differences between film and digital cameras? Which one do you prefer? 11. What are some advantages of being able to see an image right after you’ve taken it (such as with an instant camera or being able to review the image on a digital camera)?

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Reporting results Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Reporting results - Essay Example Even though in 2012, Meals for the Homeless made a significant growth in total revenue, the amount could even be higher if the revenue from telephone solicitation was higher. One of the possible explanations for the decreased revenue through telephone solicitation is that lenders were more interested in viewing the balance sheet before giving their donations. Based on the fact that financial reports are used by various users including banks, lenders and auditors among others, Meals for the Homeless should show their financial reports to the lenders as a way of proving their financial stability and accountability (Finkler, 2010). Another possible reason is that Meals for the Homeless was not targeting large donors and organisations in 2012. As a result, the revenue generated from the less financially stable donors was less in 2012. The key question is: why did the revenue from telephone solicitation decreased while Meals for the Homeless management received more funds from mail solicitation? In the same way, was the decrease caused by the poor relation between the Meals for the Homeless management and the public or poor financial management and lack of

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New Business Start Up Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

New Business Start Up - Essay Example As they are planning to introduce a totally new product and brand to consumers, they are anxious about the consumers' response and reaction. For that detailed survey was carried out. It must be notified that Radiant Co. products target skin conscious people of upper middle and upper class. Sample size focused on age groups of 15 onwards. The Survey primarily focused on age level between 15-25 because sun protection and beauty conscious people are mostly found in this age group. But other age groups were also explored to know their behavior. In the soap market many brands dominate the scene, making their presence felt in one way or the other either through aggressive advertising or promotional schemes. LUX dominates the soap market through its outstanding market share, as supported by the survey result its market domination is 51%. LUX with periodical revitalization of its brand has kept the product in the British for a long period of time. Therefore, LUX appears to be the major competition for Hibuty in the soap industry, especially when one of its soap is providing sunscreen formula as an additive feature. Next stands SAFEGUARD, with 23% market share. SAFEGUARD is gaining a lot of popularity as a medicated soap fighting germ all- round -the- clock. There is a future threat to Hibuty of its emerging as a new competitor, although not a direct one as SAFEGUARD presents itself as medicated rather a sun protective soap. Other soaps include Nivea Milk, English Lavender, Safeguard, Lifebouy and Dove. Most Influencing Factors in Soap Purchasing The major influencing factor of potential Hibuty customers, in making their purchasing decision for soap is GOOD QUALITY. 60% of the market gives performance of the soap a priority when buying it. Second most influencing factor determining their soap purchasing decision is brand loyalty with 25% of the market getting affected by it. Third factor being again brand loyalty (23%), fourth most influencing factor is easy availability (30%); fifth most affecting factor is less price (36.5%). Least most influencing factor is status of soap marked as imported (50%). Survey reveals that soap purchasing decision in not at very much influenced by foreign status of the soap. The survey shows that there is opportunity for any soap that offer good quality at reasonable price, potential customers of Hibuty are not very price conscious as they consider LESS PRICE option among the least influencing factors list. Commonly found skin type Survey purports that most common skin type found is oily with 40% of the customers having it. Normal skin types consist of 32% of the market, t-zone or combination skin (13%), sensitive (5%). Preference of fragrance in

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INTERNATIONAL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW Assignment - Essay Example While on the other hand, the idea of human rights has emerged from the need for universal respect of human beings freedom, dignity and equality. It has evolved over the period to support for individual from oppression and provide an equal chance to develop their potential to take advantage of different opportunities (Donnelly, 1989). Human Rights and Intellectual Property rights (IPR) have gained widespread discussion during the last two decades. Various stakeholders who have vested interests have furiously argued for their rights. The goals of the proponents of both the parties are somehow inversely related. Stereotypical views have been formed both about human and intellectual property rights. The advocates of human rights assert that the only way to achieve the goals of access to food, health and education is through eliminating most of the intellectual property rights (Lutheran World Federation, 2000). While on the other hand, a mindset has been developed that promotes that by on ly expanding the intellectual property rights, we can provide incentives for innovation which will address the concerns of fundamental human rights (Weissbrodt & Schoff, 2008). The relationship between human rights and intellectual property rights can be analyzed from two aspects. ... Therefore, this relationship can only be analyzed if we have a thorough understanding of the scope of both the rights. The existing human rights do not categorically refer to the intellectual property rights; however, there are certain provisions within the human right treaties which can be considered to be relevant to intellectual property rights. Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) which was adopted in 1948 has certain provisions which are important points to be considered. The Article 27.2 states that â€Å"Everyone has the right to the protection of the moral and material interests resulting from any scientific, literary or artistic production of which he is the author† (United Nations, 2007). Similarly, the right to property is also stressed in the Article 17 of UDHR which states that everyone has the right to own property and no one shall be deprived of his property. In addition to that, the International Covenant on Social, Economic and Cultural Rights (ICSECR) established in 1966 is also one of the vital tool through which we can assess the relationship between Intellectual Property & Economic Rights. International rights although increase the scope of relationship between these two rights but there are some regional human rights which contains clauses pertaining to property rights. The Article 21.1 of American Convention on Human Rights of 1969 states that everyone is entitled to the right to use and enjoyment of his property but it further enforces that â€Å"The law may subordinate such use and enjoyment to the interest of society† (Sinjela, 2007). Similarly, the African Charter on Human Rights which was adopted in 1981 also enforces that â€Å"The right to the property shall be

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Cell biology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Cell biology - Essay Example 2010). Without ECM, higher life forms such as mammals, or truly any multi-cellular organism, could not possibly exist. When issues occur with the ECM, though, many problems can then arise. This is seen through the role of the ECM in two pathological states: healing after myocardial infarction, and the degenerative phase of multiple sclerosis. Extracellular Matrix in Healthy Mammals The definition of ECM is extremely broad, now more so than in past years. As it is currently defined in the scientific literature, ECM includes â€Å"all secreted molecules that are immobilized outside cells† (van Horssen et al. 2007). Every body tissue has ECM between the cells. In every case, the ECM plays some vital role in the functioning of that tissue. For example, the ECM of the lens of the eyes is responsible for cellular contraction. Cellular contraction, in turn, is what regulates growth rate of the cells on the surface of the eye (Wormstone 2004). The ECM of the periodontal ligament, comm only known as the gum between the jawbone and teeth, is extremely strong. Without it, the teeth would not be able to remain attached to the jawbone, which is vital to the development and maintenance of the bony jaw. This tissue gains such strength mainly through the levels of the collagen type I protein, which are extremely high in the ECM of the periodontal ligament (Bildt et al. 2009). One specialized type of ECM is the the basement membrane. Recently, the role of the basement membrane has been expanded past its previous place as a simple structural feature. This membrane has been shown to be an extremely important regulator of cell behaviour. It helps control tissue compartmentalization and â€Å"sends signals to epithelial cells about the external microenvironment†, telling the cells where to grown and how (Kalluri 2003). Balance between creation of new extracellular matrix and its degradation is required for the maintenance of healthy body tissues. This is accomplished t hrough production of matrix metalloproteinases, or MMPs, which are enzymes produced to break down this matrix. The cells which produce these MMPs are known as fibroblasts. Conversely, fibroblasts are also responsible for the synthesis of tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases. These inhibitors, known as TIMPs, unsurprisingly impede the degradation activity of the MMPs (Bildt et al. 2009). ECM is also responsible for another process in the maintenance of healthy tissue: apoptosis. ECM regulates apoptosis, or programmed cell death, through intracellular signalling (van Horssen et al. 2007). Extracellular matrix could be used as biological scaffolding material for regenerative medicine (Badylak et al. 2009). It can be â€Å"decellularized† and the ECM alone used to support new transplanted cells (Soto-Gutierrez et al. 2010). Also relevant to regenerative medicine is the fact that ECM has â€Å"constructive remodeling† capability, though the mechanism behind this is not y et fully understood (Badylak et al. 2009) ECM seems like the Holy Grail of biological scaffolding, as it can be constructed and then completely degraded through â€Å"bioactive molecules† that are produced naturally within the body (Badylak 2007). Functioning of the ECM in Disease States With the extremely broad and vital roles played by the

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An essay about the right of habeas corpus in the context of the war on

An about the right of habeas corpus in the context of the war on terror - Essay Example Signing into law of the Magna Carta was occurred in 1215 by King John. It gained significant political and legal prominence during the preceding centuries. During the early 12th century, King John of England was hugely unpopular in his country and was at constant conflict with some wealthy oil barons. The archbishop of Canterbury, in an effort to protect the rights of the church and make the king and the barons be at peace, conceived the Magna Carta. Magna Carta turned out as the Great Charter of the Liberties. The Charter promised the protection of the church’s rights from interference either by the king or the rebel barons. It also promised the barons protection from unfair or illegal imprisonment and limitations to the feudal payments to the crown. A council of 25 barons were necessary for the implementation of the feudal payments (Davis, 2010). King Edward in 1297 later issued this charter in a bid to raise taxes for his indebted monarchial government and to win political support. Edward institutionalized it as part of the Statute Law hence Giving birth to the genesis of the Habeas Corpus. In the early 16th century, a prominent lawyer who was also a politician; Sir Edward Coke advocated for common law to override the authority of the king. In addition, the advocacy was for the establishment of a civilian power and extension of the civil liberties of the freemen (Halliday, 2010). Coke was instrumental in the drafting of the petition of right. This petition later formed the basis for the English constitution and allowed for specific liberties. Aside from limiting the king from invoking martial law during the times of peace, the petition of right also permitted prisoners to give their views in the circumstances where their detention was questionable. Habeas corpus in England originated among the powerful ruling elites whose intention was to put limitations on the powers of the monarchy.

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Young Australians & the U.N Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Young Australians & the U.N - Essay Example I know my input can help shape the community and make a difference to other young people. Being a Committee member will give the individual a valuable opportunity to build their skill base by gaining leadership experience, an in-depth knowledge of the youth sector, and build networks within the business and community sector.† (Adam Smith, Deputy Chair of The Foundation for Young Australians). Also United Nations Youth Associations of Australia is a significant voice for the youth of Australia. They play an important role in the education of every youth as each individual is looked upon as the next leader of the country. Youth speak are between the age group of 12 to 25years. Ben Groom the elected Australian youth representative to the United Nations Spent five months traveling around Australia and collecting issues to be represented at the UN. The Australian Youth Representative to the United Nations is a member of the Australian Delegation to the United Nations General Assembly in New York. Once selected, the Youth Representative has the challenging but amazing task of consulting with a substantial proportion of Australia’s youth population. The broad goal of the consultation phase is to equip the Youth Representative with a comprehensive mandate of youth representation that may be outside the normal scope of their experiences as a young person. This will assist greatly in the preparation of the Youth Representative’s address to the General Assembly. (Australian Youth Representative to UN, 2007) Ben Groom is the 2007 Australian youth Representative to the UN. On 9th October Ben addressed the UN and the issues represented were due to insufficient rains many were facing drought. â€Å"Young people are the most effective agents of change. The world can harness this energy by strengthening the role of education and training in global climate change solutions. Australian youth have already proven we can

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Should the U.S. Government Levy Additional Fines or Taxes on Companies Essay

Should the U.S. Government Levy Additional Fines or Taxes on Companies That Ship Jobs Overseas - Essay Example The paper tells that according to the McKinsey Global Institute the threat posed by shipping jobs abroad has been grossly exaggerated. To start with, they argue that the number of jobs lost per year to offshoring is far fewer than the normal rate of job turnover in the economy. Secondly, savings from offshoring enables companies to invest in future technologies that create more jobs at home and abroad. Thirdly, global competition improves the skills of American companies making them more competitive. Companies that offshore have the opportunity to take advantage of distinctive skills that are available overseas. Fourthly, the U.S. runs a trade surplus in services. This means that America needs other countries to buy its surplus services. If America refuses to similarly offer overseas countries a platform for trade – by refusing to procure their services – these countries may opt to retaliate and thus leave the U.S. with no one to trade in its excess capacity. On the con trary, in â€Å"It's a Flat World After All† argues that the convergence of information and communication technologies (ICTs) have leveled the playing field and if not addressed as a critical issue by the U.S. policies, it could signal the end of American wealth and global dominance. He further argues that whereas in the past American companies offshored primarily to minimize production costs, nowadays they do so because they are unable to find the talent they need locally. Nobel Laureate Paul Samuelson agrees with Friedman when he states that free trade could leave rich countries worse off by eroding them off their comparative advantages. Moreover, who says that China, India, Russia and the other emerging economies are content with providing low-end, low-wage jobs for eternity.

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Scientific method Essay Example for Free

Scientific method Essay 1)What type of team was formed here? Was it necessary, in your opinion? 2)Use the team effectiveness model and related information in chapter 8, to identify the strengths and weaknesses of this team’s environment, design and processes. 3)Assuming that these four people must continue to work as a team, recommend ways to improve the team’s effectiveness. An average, or typical, case is often not the richest in information. In clarifying lines of history and causation it is more useful to select subjects that offer an interesting, unusual or particularly revealing set of circumstances. A case selection that is based on representativeness will seldom be able to produce these kinds of insights. When selecting a subject for a case study, researchers will therefore use information-oriented sampling, as opposed to random sampling. Outlier cases (that is, those which are extreme, deviant or atypical) reveal more information than the potentially representative case. Alternatively, a case may be selected as a key case, chosen because of the inherent interest of the case or the circumstances surrounding it. Or it may be chosen because of researchers in-depth local knowledge; where researchers have this local knowledge they are in a position to â€Å"soak and poke† as Fenno[6] puts it, and thereby to offer reasoned lines of explanation based on this rich knowledge of setting and circumstances. Three types of cases may thus be distinguished: Key cases Outlier cases Local knowledge cases Whatever the frame of reference for the choice of the subject of the case study (key, outlier, local knowledge), there is a distinction to be made between the subjestorical unity [7] through which the theoretical focus of the study is being viewed. The object is that theoretical focus – the analytical frame. Thus, for example, if a researcher were interested in US resistance to communist expansion as a theoretical focus, then the Korean War might be taken to be the subject, the lens, the case study through which the theoretical focus, the object, could be viewed and explicated. [8] Beyond decisions about case selection and the subject and object of the study, decisions need to be made about purpose, approach and process in the case study. Thomas[3] thus proposes a typology for the case study wherein purposes are first identified (evaluative or exploratory), then approaches are delineated (theory-testing, theory-building or illustrative), then processes are decided upon, with a principal choice being between whether the study is to be single or multiple, and choices also about whether the study is to be retrospective, snapshot or diachronic, and whether it is nested, parallel or sequential. It is thus possible to take many routes through this typology, with, for example, an exploratory, theory-building, multiple, nested study, or an evaluative, theory-testing, single, retrospective study. The typology thus offers many permutations for case study structure. A closely related study in medicine is the case report, which identifies a specific case as treated and/or examined by the authors as presented in a novel form. These are, to a differentiable degree, similar to the case study in that many contain reviews of the relevant literature of the topic discussed in the thorough examination of an array of cases published to fit the criterion of the report being presented. These case reports can be thought of as brief case studies with a principal discussion of the new, presented case at hand that presents a novel interest.

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Second Languages Harder To Learn In Adulthood English Language Essay

Second Languages Harder To Learn In Adulthood English Language Essay This topic can be very useful for adult students who are learning a second language. It shows from a scientific prospective, the explanation of why adult s can not keep a fluently conversation in the second language when they are learning it. The technologies presented give rich data that explains this phenomenon. In addition to this, it also gives another explanation from a pedagogical prospective differencing the way children learn from adults. Finally, this topic can make students and teachers reflect on the way how they are learning and teaching the second language. Outline Introduction of why to speak a second language is difficult in adulthood. Importance of learning a second language Why is so difficult to learn a second language later in life? The brain The methodology Background of brain research technique using technologies Language centers Functions of Wernickes area Functions of Brocas area Research techniques Positron emission tomography (PET), 1995. Findings Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), 1997. Findings by Dr. Joy Hirsch Intracranial Electrophysiology (ICE), 2009. Findings by Dr. Ned T. Sahin Language learning vs. language acquisition by Julio Foppoli. Literature Review Controversy in positions of language centers in the brain. Positron emission tomography (PET). Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). Controversy in functions of language centers in the brain. Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). Intracranial Electrophysiology (ICE). Controversy in methodology of teaching the second language. Language Acquisition Language Learning Arguments of why to speak a second language is difficult when you learn it in adulthood. Functions of the Brocas area Receptive language Expressive language Methodology used to teach the second language. Conclusion Restatement of why to speak a language is difficult when you learn it in childhood. Biological reasons Pedagogical reasons Recommendation Why to Speak a Second Language Is Difficult When You Learn It in Adulthood Nowadays, people are more interested in learning a second language. They can be children, teenagers or adults. But , at the time to look for a job, to study abroad, to do tourism, to make business or just to have access to new cultures, adult people realize the importance to learn a second or maybe a third language. This is the moment when they want to learn it as soon as possible like magic. As a result, this originates frustration and disappointment at the moment to learn and acquire a new language. Therefore, when adults try to learn a second language, they must be informed of the biological processes that their brains undergo. So, adults must ask themselves, why is so difficult to learn a second language later in life? Maybe the answer is in the brain. A part of our brain has to get accustomed to new patterns that did not exist in the past. It is like learning to ride a bike. You, as an amateur, fall down and fall down, until the moment that you can pedal and have the balance. Th en, you do it, and you will never forget it. Thus, learning a second language is the same; however, the key is in the practice that you frequently do. According to this research, there are two possible complex answers why to learn a second language is difficult in adulthood. First, results provided by technologies studying the bilingual brain. Secondly, the methodology and strategy used to teach the second language. These two answers can be connected to each other, but it gives a clear explanation to the question. In order to make evidences clear, there will be comparisons between early and late bilinguals. Also, we will see the difference between learning and acquiring a second language. While it maybe true all the arguments presented, there are some other factors that we have to consider such as motivation, personality, critical period and style of learning among others. Bilingualism and second language acquisition are very broad topics that can be interpreted in different ways, but they all coincide in the same that children and adults learn differently. Background In our brain, the part in charge of language is in the left hemisphere of the brain. This applies for those who are right-handed. Those who are left-handed this part can be in the right hemisphere or in both sides of the brain. No matters how, in this part of the brain there are the language centers. These are the Wernickes area and the Brocas area. The Wernickes area (WA) is in charge of the understanding or meaning of the language; in contrast, the Brocas area (BA) is in charge of the speech production. This notion is still taught in many text books according to ScienceDaily (2009). But nowadays, recent research says that it also manages word identity (lexicon and grammar), and phonology (identify pronunciation), ScienceDaily (2009) Steele (2010). These two language centers differ in position in early and late bilinguals. Early bilinguals the first language (L1) and second language (L2) are in the same position in the Wernickes and Brocas area. Nevertheless, in late bilinguals is different. The L1 and L2 are in the same position in the Wernickes, but they are not in the Brocas area. The L1 and L2 are spatially separated in this language center, according to Dr. Joy Hirschs research (1997). There has been different research using different technologies to prove this. First, in 1995 a technique named non-invasive brain imaging using computer-aided tomography, also known as positron emission tomography (PET), suggested that L1and L2 are centered in the same part in the BA. But, the point here is that the sample used were participants of seven years old, which was the Hirschs description of an early bilingual (1997). Later, in 1997 the head of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospitals functional M.R.I. Laboratory, Dr. Joy Hirsch and her graduate student Karl Kim, used the functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to study the cognitive tasks in the brain, Blakeslee (1997). They recruited as sample 12 healthy bilinguals. Six learnt the second language in infancy, and the other half around 11 and 19 years old. Hirsch (1997) discovered that People who learned a second language as children used the same region in Brocas area for both languages. But those who learned a second langu age later in life made use of a distinct region in Brocas area for their second languagenear the one activated for their native tongue. Finally, a new study carried out by Ned T. Sahin, PhD, post-doctoral fellow in the University of California, San Diego, Department of Radiology and Harvard University Department of Psychology, reported two more functions of the BA that are word identity (grammar), and pronunciation. This was thanks to the research technique named Intracranial Electrophysiology (ICE), which provides data of very high spatial and temporal resolution, Steele (2010). But, the sample used was different from the others. In this research, scientists used patients who were undergoing brain surgery, Steele (2010). All in all, it is also important to highlight the difference between language acquisition and language learning. According to Julio Foppoli, a teacher of English and Spanish as a second language, he says that acquisition comes naturally and meaningfully; in contrast, language learning is imposed, not meaningful and not communicative. So according to him, these could be important factors to success or fail in speaking and understanding a second language. Literature Review Dr. Hirschs research found evidence that children and adults do not use the same parts of the brain when learning a second language. People who learned a second language as children used the same region in Brocas area for both languages. But those who learned a second language later in life made use of a distinct region in Brocas area for their second languagenear the one activated for their native tongue, Discovermagazine, (1997). But, the only function described of the Brocas area was the execution of speech (Blakeslee, 1997). In contrast, Steele (2010) reports that a newest research demonstrates that besides the execution for speech production, the Brocas area is involved in other types of linguistics processing such as lexical (helping to identify forms, such as plurals or past tenses), and phonological (helping to identify pronunciations). In addition to this, Sahim (2009) adds, we showed that distinct linguistic processes are computed within small regions of Brocas area, separa ted in time and partially overlapping in space Specifically, the researchers found patterns of neuronal activity indicating lexical, grammatical and articulatory computations at roughly 200, 320 and 450 milliseconds after the target word was presented, ScienceDaily, (2009). The authors coincide with the nature of Broca ´s area as a mysterious brain function. The problem is with late or adult learners of second language. They have to build a new system for the second language, as Hirsch (1997) tries to explain it saying that when language is being hard-wired during development, the brain may intertwine sounds and structures from all languages into the same area. But once that wiring is complete, the management of a new language, with new sounds and structures, must be taken over by a different part of the brain. For that reason, it needs to change the methodology for adult learners toward a communicative and meaningful classes rather than grammar oriented classes, as Julio Foppoli suggests. This is supported by Hirsch comparing the way how children acquire the second language with the way adults do. Because the parents and family members teach the infant to speak the second language in a very tactile, auditory and visual way, children easily acquire it. In contrast, adults only sit down in high schools in classes that revolve around grammar, patterns, repetitions, drillings and rote memorization without even a human interlocutor to interact with, they can not acquire it, Discovermagazine, (1997) Julio Foppoli. So this is a good example that Julio Foppoli remarks in the difference of language acquisition and language learning. Language acquisition is meaningful and communicative; in contrast, the language learning is not communicative and not meaningful, Julio Foppoly adds. Arguments Obviously, learning a second language is habituating our body and mind to new patterns. This is supported by Hirsch adding that We can see the body building in the brain as a result of this. The answer to the interrogative of this paper, why is difficult to learn a second language in adulthood, it could be divided in two. First of all, in 1997 with Hirsch, we only noticed that the mainly function in the BA was the speech production. Somehow or other, this could explain why second language learners could not produce sounds exactly as a native speaker. However, the new research by Sahin (2009) found that aspects of word identity, grammar and pronunciation are all computed within the BA. Before, it was believed that WA was in charge of the receptive language, namely reading (word identity and grammar), and the understanding of that. In contrast, the BA was in charge of the expressive language that is speech production (vocal tract). Due to this, it means that the BA is responsible for b oth receptive and expressive language, ScienceDaily (2009). Evidence of this, it is when you see adults trying to speak the second language. Their speed fluency is very slow, because they take time to form sentences, to verify if it is grammatical correct, and finally, if it is well pronounced. More complex the idea is, more time they take. This means that the BA is working in processing all these linguistics processes at once. All this situations make sense, but they make things more difficult to adult second language learners. (Well, depending on the way those adult second language learners see it, because this could be the perfect excuse to explain their mispronunciations and grammatical mistakes). No matters how, if these linguistics aspects are separated from the first language, it means that they have to start from zero and build up new morphological, syntactical, grammatical and phonological patterns in their brains. The strategy to teach the second language must definitely b e equal as children do. So this leads us to the second explanation of our question, which is the difference between learning and acquiring a second language. As Foppoli said, adults must acquire the second language naturally as children do. Parents do not have to explain children the grammar and phonology of the language. Contrarily, parents teach their children through a very auditory, visual and tactile way letting children make mistakes and learn from them. Children acquire the language communicatively through real meaningful conversations that make sense to talk about. On the other hand, adults do not acquire the second language; they learn the second language. Adults have knowledge of the second language and can demonstrate it in a grammar test or even, in a TOEFL. But, research has shown that knowing grammar rules of language do not necessarily result in good speaking or writing, adds Foppoli. So the methodology used by teachers and professors must be changed to a very meaning ful and communicative strategy. Instead of teaching grammar-oriented lessons or follow the instructions of an audio CD in order to repeat words and phrases as parrots, students must be encourage to use the language in real context. This means to form classes that promote communication, speaking and the key word, practice. In order to acquire the language adult second language learners must practice the language and learn from their mistakes as children do. They have to dare to speak with native speakers and get involved to the different aspects of the new language such reading newspaper, novels; listening to radio, music; watching TV, movies; writing essays, letters or anything. As the saying says, practice makes perfect. Conclusion In conclusion, learning a second language after childhood is definitely hard to acquire for biological and pedagogical reasons. Thanks to the technologies presented in the last fifteen years, it can confirm that the L1 and L2 will be always separated in the Brocas area for an adult learner. Children until the age of 9 or 10 will have the L1and L2 in the same place in the Wernickes area and Brocas area. This fact makes things complicated for adults because this means, they have to build up new patterns for grammar, syntax, morphology and phonology for the new language. Besides, it is erroneous the way that adults are learning and acquiring the second language. Consequently, we see how adult learners fail and get frustrated in second language classes for the methodology taught. In order to overcome these obstacles, it is really important that adults be aware of the functions of the brain and the right methodology to teach the second language. Meaningful and communicative lessons are the best tools to acquire it; in addition, attitude and motivation determine the success of these tools. But most important, it is the time and practice that adult must dedicate to learn, acquire and use the second language in real context.

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Mexican Lives by Judith Adler Hellman Essay -- Mexican Lives Judith Ad

Mexican Lives by Judith Adler Hellman   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The author of Mexican Lives, Judith Adler Hellman, grapples with the United States’ economic relationship with their neighbors to the south, Mexico. It also considers, through many interviews, the affairs of one nation. It is a work held to high esteem by many critics, who view this work as an essential part in truly understanding and capturing Mexico’s history. In Mexican Lives, Hellman presents us with a cast from all walks of life. This enables a reader to get more than one perspective, which tends to be bias. It also gives a more inclusive view of the nation of Mexico as a whole. Dealing with rebel activity, free trade, assassinations and their transition into the modern age, it justly captures a Mexico in its true light. All walks of life are presented, from prevailing businessmen of white-collar status, to those of the working class and labor industry, as well as individuals who deal in the black market of smuggling illegal immigrants across the border into the U.S. Hellman’s work explores the subject of Mexico’s economic situation in the 1990s. NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) closely tied the United States and Mexico during this period, as well as similar policies such as GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) that were also created. These issues pertaining to economic policies between the two nations, Mexico and the United States are seen highlighted throughout her work. Hellman opens with three individuals at three different times. The reader is first introduced to Lupe Gonzalez at 3 A.M., whose story is a harsh reality for many. She lives in the vecindad of San Miguel Iztacalco where â€Å"eighteen families in eighteen single-room dwellings share a single water tap in the courtyard†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (pg.15) This is the daily life for many other Mexican families, as well as families from all over Latin America. She lives in a single room home with six children and her second husband. The reason for the set time is due to a schedule that each family must abide by, in order to obtain a simple necessity of life, water for their â€Å"drinking, bathing, cooking, and household cleaning.† (pg.15) With this the reader witnesses how there isn’t even enough water for all members of the community and city for constant usage. They share three beds for all eight family members and make considerably less then minimum... ...ople extort from others. It’s a way of life†¦ The NAFTA treaty isn’t meant to rescue people like us, it’s meant to help the rich" (pg. 157) Later, the reader learns that Maria was driven out of business by competators after NAFTA took effect. Mexican Lives is a rare piece of literature that accounts for the human struggle of an underdeveloped nation, which is kept impoverished in order to create wealth for that of another nation, the United States. The reader is shown that the act of globalization and inclusion in the world’s economies, more directly the United States, is not always beneficial to all parties involved. The data and interviews, which Hellman has put forth for her readers, contain some aspect of negativity that has impacted their lives by their nation’s choice to intertwine their economy with that of the United States. Therefore it can only be concluded that the entering into world markets, that of Mexico into the United States, does not always bring on positive outcomes. Thus, one sees that Mexico has become this wasteland of economic excrement; as a result it has become inherently reliant on the United States. Work Cited: Judith A. Hellman: Mexican Lives.

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Euthanasia Essay - Dr. Quill and Dr. Kevorkian :: Euthanasia, Physician Assisted Suicide

There are many different methods of approaching patients facing the end of their lives. Since technology has increased the ability to sustain life longer, patient assisted suicide has become an increasingly more popular avenue for doctors to explore. This topic, since it deals with the power over life and death, touches on some of the deepest of human feelings. The argument over whose or which approach is most viable can become a heated one and could never be solved with one broad stroke since it deals with individuals on such an intimate level. Both Dr. Jack Kevorkian and Dr. Timothy Quill have there own views on which methods are correct, some of their views are similar and some are quite different. Both doctors agree that certain people at the end of their lives shouldn't have to suffer any more than they have to, but they differ in the methods in which lead up to the decision process of choosing euthanasia or not. The belief that individuals facing terminal illnesses and or certain death in a short period of time should have the "right to die with as much control and dignity as possible" is shared by both Kevorkian and Quill (Quill 434). There are many cases in which people become sick and life becomes an endless episode phasing between unconsciousness and severe pain. There are also cases in which an individual becomes diagnosed with a disease with no definite cure and faces a road of painful treatment and emotional heartache . One example of this was Diane's case. Diane was one of Dr. Quills patients who was diagnosed with "acute myelomonocytic leukemia", a disease with a 25% survival rate with treatment and certain death in at most a few months without treatment (Quill 434). This disease is very painful to say the least. She was faced with the decision between a painful treatment process or death. Diane chose to let the disease run its course, this way she would be able to say her final good-byes to her family. Her only worry was that in the final stages of her death, would she be able to control herself, or would she slip away in agony. To avoid this she asked Dr. Quill if he would give her a prescription for barbiturates so that when the end was near she would be able to control her

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The Movie Wit Essay -- Wit Movies Films Film Essays

The Movie "Wit" In the movie Wit, English literary scholar Vivian Bearing has spent years translating and interpreting the poetry of John Donne. Unfortunately, she is a person who has cultivated her intellect at the expense of her heart. Both colleagues and students view Bearing as a chilly and unfriendly person lost in her private world of words and mysterious thoughts.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  At the age of 48, she is diagnosed with stage-four metastatic ovarian cancer. Dr. Kelekian wants her to take eight high-dose experimental chemotherapy treatments for eight months. He warns her that she will need to be "tough" to rely upon large reserves of inner courage and willpower.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Vivian tries to remain tolerant as she suffers through questions and tests from technicians; "grand rounds," where she is prodded by medical students and treated like a specimen rather than a human being. Through her whole ordeal she has to face the loneliness of the hospital not to mention of grueling time spent in an isolation ward. She had no visitors, and the hospital was no place for fun. There is even a part in the movie where Vivian speaks about the dull and tedious hospital atmosphere. Most regrettably, through all of this she is dealing with the terrible side-effects of the chemotherapy; and then the pain of the still spreading cancer.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Through several flashbacks we gain insights into Vivian's life: an encounter with her mentor E. M. Ashford, who warns her to spend more time with friends; a ...

Under Population

John Albjerg Writing 122 Persuasive Essay Under population The effect of under population in the world is causing lack of people to replace those who die or retire with inability to continue working. Just done in the U. S. Census 83 countries and territories are now thought to experience below-replacement fertility. This basically means they won’t be able to replace the people who are dying or no longer able to work, these places take up roughly 44% of the world’s total population. Due to several causes in our current world we are experiencing low mortality rates. Currently several countries are having lower life expectancy that they did not have 40 years ago. Though many countries are experiencing a time of peace there is a large HIV-AIDS epidemic going on in about 1/6thof the world. These low mortality rates are causing issues with proper population in these countries. Another cause of under population is the legalization of Abortion. Reports have shown since the legalization of Abortions that since they were legalized Europe as well as 15 countries by 2002 is reporting rates of 1. 3 children per woman or below. A rate of 2. is needed to maintain a population. The reports where this is the largest issue is found in Europe where abortions are used as a method of birth control. This issue is also begunto appear due to women waiting till later to have children. Instead of starting to have children in their early 20’s many women are waiting till 30 or later to have their first child. This is causing people to have smaller families as well . The average family is going from a 2-4 children per family to a 1-2. In some cases the women lose fertility and are unable then to have children at all as well. There is report’s that many nations are not offering enough maternity leave in terms of length and money being paid out to the women during it. This has caused some women to put off having children till later in their careers. This comes into play once again the older the woman gets the less fertile she becomes. This also causes the women to lose desire to have more than one maybe two children. Some nations have begun to address this issue by offering more maternity leave benefits and/or reward larger families in other ways. None of these countries appear to be considering revising their bortion laws in attempt to overcome this issue of under population. If Europe does not get a stronghold on this issue they could be looking at a lack of 20 million workers in 2030 compared to what they have in their current work force today. Now this can be counter acted if they were able to increase their immigration. But it would need to at least quadruple to an average of almost 4 million n et entrants a year just to prevent a decline in the size of people ages 15 – 64 years old, considered the working age over the next 50 years. Soon coming as well is the large amount of people coming to retirement age within China as well. They also in some means of want to control the population within their country have cut down on how many children people are allowed. By doing this they have caused themselves issues in the fact that the work force in large abundance is reaching retirement age within their country. Without sufficient people to support those retiring I think we are going to see a huge economic crash within their workforce and communities. The real cause of under population is all speculative. Only real hard facts are that we are not producing as many children as there are people within the world. Disease, accidents, and old age are all factors to be counted in. But overall people are dying at a much higher rate than producing and if we continue down this path we won’t have the people to make up for the work force that is retiring and dying off. One thing we don’t seem to keep in mind is that even though the advances within medicine are much better today than they were 50 years ago some reason our mortality rate is much lower today than back then. I think people don’t seem to notice the changes due to the fact we are living in a more peaceful era than most of our ancestors in the last decade. In the last 30 years we have not had any world changing wars. That left millions dead and millions more homeless or handicapped for life. But still we are not reproducing at an upward rate. The cause like I said has many factors and not one can be pointed at directly. Well all of these need to be addressed we need to main address the fact that if we do not change our ways of life in the next 50 years our world will not be able to support itself. In conclusion my feeling is that we need to give women more incentive to want to reproduce and have families. We have built our world around a working family. 60 years ago the typical family was the man worked and the woman raised the kids. Today you look at our society and it says that the man and woman should both work. I feel this is the biggest factor that comes into play. It is causing women to wait longer to have children and end up having less if none. All my information from the census and numbers was from the website http://www. abortiontv. com/Lies%20&%20Myths/underpopulation. htm

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Prevention and Mitigation analysis Essay

Early Sunday morning, precisely January 18,year 2004, two inmates namely Ricky K wassenaar; who was serving a prison sentence of 26years and his co-inmate Steven j. coy on a long time imprisonment of life sentence both decided to escape the territory of morey unit of the prison structure, a complex situated near Arizona at an estimated distance of 50miles( approximately 80,467metres) south west of phoenix . This morey is designed for an estimated capacity of 800 inmates as against the 840 inmates it housed. At morey, the number of inmate serving life sentence and protective segregation population is the largest in the correction history of Arizona. Probably, owing to the number of inmates housed in the morey’s territory (840 inmates) which was exceeding its design capacity and ultimately because of the limited number of correctional officers placed in security of the unit, these two inmates, Ricky K. Wassenaar and Steven J . Coy, came down heavily on the correctional officers, impounded the units tower and at long last conquered the officers . This historic incident represents the longest hostage incidence in the history of the nation. As early as 2. 30am in the cool of the day, the inmates who reportedly were numbered around 19 ,working in the kitchen were released from their place of abode such that each of them could report and perform his/her functions at the money kitchen. A short while later , an approximated time of 3. 15am, correctional officers Kenneth martin and the other female civilian kitchen employee came around into the kitchen such that they could oversee and ensure that each inmate does his/her duty as expected. At this instant in time, inmate Ricky k. wassenaar and Steven J. Coy have already drawn out plans to escape the prison territory and were just about to perfect the plans . Ricky k. Wassenaar entered the office of the kitchen through an open door, he was immediately followed by his co-inmate Steven J. Coy who stood by the kitchen doorway thereby preventing entrance and exit through the only opening. Both inmates had in their possession sophisticated weapons like â€Å"shank† which serve as a major recourse for attack when the need arose. With the weapon being powerfully handled by both inmate, inmate Ricky K. assenaar attacked one of the correctional officers, martins, he was frightened to put off his uniform, an official dress to which was attached his identification card which served as an insignia of martin’s membership of correctional department of the morey’s unit . Wassenaar further ordered martins to undress his boot, an instruction which martins quickly responded to. In the same vein, the other inmate Coy also in possession of shank, the knife like weapon, became confident and consequent upon which he dragged the female correctional officer down to the room where the tools were situated . This bloody inmate having frightened the female officer with his weapon ordered her to lie down with her stomach touching the floor. He then tied her hands together with her feet using electrical cables. Having impounded martin and the female kitchen worker, both inmates made a stroll for a short period. On their arrival at the morey unit, inmate Ricky K. Wassenaar seized martins uniform and thereafter wore it on himself and in reinforcement of his escape strategies,he also shaved off his beards. He did all these so that he could disguise through every check point as a correctional officer. With wassenaar now overwhelmed with full confidence of his perfected strategies, he buzzed at martins, inquiring for the kitchen telephone number and this ill-treated correctional officer martin complied with an unusual alacrity. At exactly 4:20am of that same Sunday morning, inmate Wassenaar desperately drew close an area where red yard gate was situated, an enclosure that surrounded a foot tower of an estimated height of approximately 20 feet. At the top of this tower were two correctional officers who by name were Jason N.  Auch and Jane Auch who having looked through the screen in confirmation of the person approaching were deceived by the disguising uniform wore by inmate Ricky K. wassenaar, and consequent upon the aforementioned, they buzzed the door open. Wassenaar came as one would have expected, struck down the two correctional officers and start communicating with coy, his accomplice. The rattling of keys alerted from the kitchen alerted Kelly and Debaughed. Coy was later incapacitated by one of the officers but wassenaar later came to rescue him and led him to the tower where Coy sexually assaulted an officer by . Wassenaar started shooting sporadically at the gate to scare away other correctional officers. 4 people namely Jones debauch,sergent Andrew and Kelly Went to the outer door to lock it and ran to the dining facility while the other officers withdrew to the administration building The head count of the inmates inside the dry area was also done The tactical supporting unit then came to rescue by removing all the inmates an well as the officers from the dining facility. They later found out that 2 officers were missing. one dabbled to the deputy warden conference room to take note of the staff on ground. Later at around 7:45 am ,the likes of DPS SWAT team,TSU snipers, as well as the DPS hostage negotiators surrounded the building The support for the incidence came from no less than 16 law enforcement agents with DPS giving up to 230 officers. A total of about 75 detective agents as well as experts in the areas of surveillance were on ground The FBI sent almost 100 personnel,100 field personnel was also provided by the Maricopa county sheriff’s division The FBI officers were instructed to adopt the force oriented policies. One of the reasons that could have led the incident of the Arizona prison break was the fact that Doc officers were not well remunerated when compared to others in the same compartment This has led to economic hardship with subsequent reduction in the quality of life of the workers as well as their family Some of the sergeants openly confess their inability to afford the basic daily needs because of the meager salary saying also that most officers were less paid even than the officers that guard and supervise. It is therefore recommended that there must be a review of the salary scale and a balance should be achieved in the payment scale of the municipal, federal and county correctional officers and that of the surrounding Arizona states. Another problem that could have led to the incidence is the fact that the lowering of the Qualification standards to fill the available vacancies at the Arizona. It is therefore recommended that nothing but excellence should henceforth be promoted and upward review of the worker’s salary should be undertaken and sustained. It should also be noted that as at the time of the incidence that morey unit suffered from negligence and lack of appropriate expectation of elements of professionalism there were so many administrative blunders in the preceding years of the incidence among the staff even though the action of some of the staff members in rising to the incidence is highly commendable. The panel seeing to the events that led to the incidence noted that a lot of administrative negligence and improper supervision and action led to the incidence. It is therefore recommended that the DOC administrative director should determine if changing or substituting some staff assignments or disciplining some of the erring staff would be contributory. The pervasive nature of the incidence should be ascertained and subsequently to isolate and carry out procedures that could remedy the problem to avert future reoccurrence. It was also noticed that DOC has stopped conducting operational account audit of the facilities of the prison since 2000 and it is recommended that such practice should be revisited to ensure that proper and effective administration and management of prison facilities. There is also need for effective communication skills among the staff in order to foster prison security and operational success. Policies that favor indirect and not direct observation of the inmate and those that promote bad and ineffective communication between offenders and prison officers should be jettisoned The building and operational modus operandi should be that which support security and effective management sytem. The hostage taking event that occurred at the Morey unit of the was regrettable in history and it was catastrophic with attendant injury and irreparable loss to correctional officers and facility employees It is an eye-opener to the various challenges and jeopardy that corrections experts are battling with everyday. It is therefore important to properly and adequately fund and pay attention to the corrections operations. Good organizational quality cannot also be overemphasized encouragement and optimum investment in people involved in manning this highly sensitive sector of national security is therefore of utmost importance. Such set of individuals who have one way or the other dedicated themselves to this course should be well remunerated and properly trained and educated with nothing but very high intelligence quotient. They should be regarded as special people and treated as such. They must be compensated. I believe with these steps, future reoccurrences could be adequately averted.

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Lengthening the School Day

Introduction Let me tell one of my experiences while in school. It was at exactly 3:15p.m when the physics teacher came into class. Normally the class ended at exactly 4:00 p.m.The entire lesson was quite interesting and I knew given a question on the topic I would answer it within seconds. The 4 o’clock bell rang and my mind switched to the soccer game we played the previous day. Despite the red group beating us, I knew our time to revenge had come. The teacher just assumed that he didn’t hear the bell ringing. He continued talking and talking. I realized that no one was paying him attention. Zen was busy   looking at his watch confirming the time, there were some noise in the class, books falling down ,a yawn etc.These were signals to the teacher that learning time was over, we were tired and needed a break. Finally I summoned courage and informed the teacher that time for the lesson was up.After giving me a good lecture on importance of learning, he left. There was a sigh of relief and students rushed out of class some to play soccer, swim and some to hang out. Leaning In Informal Settings Hours spent outside school and classroom setting have large impacts on high performance and social development of the students. Many people have questioned whether time outside class can boost their grades. My answer is –yes it does. Contrary to what many people beliieve, much learning takes place in outside school settings like home and the community. Hours spent outside school give a good chance of reinforcement of what is learnt in the classroom. Time Spent With Parents Parents for instance play a bigger role in student’s achievement. When parents spend time with their children, they supervise their school assignments ensuring that it’s well done. For example, my father used to check all my books after school. This made me pay attention during class time because I knew I had to explain to him why I failed some sums like in arithmetic. They do show the children their love and ensure they eat well balanced food and are generally healthy. By telling them their expectations, they reinforce high performance of the students. They share their own past experiences and provide information on how the students can access resources like libraries. They provide a link with relatives or people who have excelled in studies. All these are done outside classroom and automatically lead to high student performance. This is because the time the students are in school they will have maximum concentration due to their good health. Children learn from museums, libraries and theters.Incorperating community, family partnerships in students learning leads to greater student achievement than adding those extra learning hours in class. Sports Many times parents, guardians and even teachers think that time spent by students in sports hinders high achievement by the students. This is not true.Reseach shows that students participating in sports score higher grades than the non participating ones. Those who are always in class reading books without engaging in sports don’t score highly in tests .While many people argue that participation in sports hinders maximum concentration in studies, this is not true. Balanced participation leads to greater achievements than extending learning time for students. Good Planning Research shows that when teachers are given enough time to teach they produce better results than ‘too much time. In this case, adding an extra 2 hours to learning time is too much time. The teachers are in a position to plan their lessons well and teach effectively than adding them an extra 2 hours. Teachers can use power point handouts and small group tutorials which are more effective than too much classroom learning. Teachers can minimize time spent in school by giving group assignments . This makes students share ideas hence minimize the time used. This is very effective and improves average mean score of the school teachers go straight to the point unlike extra hours which give room for story telling and idle talk. This happens that the teachers can easily miss classes knowing they have extra time to teach. My argument is that teachers can accomplish much within time given than adding more time. Poor Concentration The human mind works well when fresh. Adding extra hours for instruction will mean that students are taught while exhausted. This will mean there is less concentration and retention of what is read. A teacher who teaches when he or she is tired will not deliver the knowledge efficiently. My experience illustrated in the introduction gives a clear picture of this. At the end of last lesson in school the mind deviates to other things like sports. Remember all work without play makes Stacy a dull girl. Extending learning hours will mean there will be dull students in class. Assignments When students are given much time to do assignments, they do a shoddy job. Ninety nine percent will never finish the work when given extra time. This means there is no need of adding the extra 2 hours to the school day as it will automatically lead to poor student’s performances. While in elementary school, Helen’s geography teacher used to give them assignments and add them extra hour to finish. It turned out that the students never used to finish the work despite the extra time given. When the teacher gave the same assignments to other students in another school she was teaching part-time, it was done well though no extra time was added. The assignment in the part –time school was well tackled and handed in on time. Over Depending Of Students on Teachers Adding extra learning hours will mean spoon feeding the students .This can be quite tiring to teachers .In any learning, it is good for teachers to give students room for personal research and study in much more relaxed environment. It is good for teaches to let students discover some things for themselves than spoon feeding which makes students easily forget what they were taught. Spoon feeding is not good for development of future scholars. It is not logical to add an extra 2 two hours to school day for greater student’s achievement. Instead of excelling, it will lead to decline in scores. Conclusion Contrary to what many believe, learning does not just take place in formal setups but also in non formal setting. This includes the family, which plays a bigger role and the community at large. Out of school experiences contribute much to student’s performance. The after school time spent by students with parents puts tremendous reinforcement to their achievement. Adding extra time will lead to poor concentration, poorly done assignments and inefficient teachers. So why want to do something poorly within much time, when you can do it better in little time?

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Buddism: Political, Social and Economic Essay

Ancient China was a time of for religious influences. Belief systems dominated China from 500 B. C. E to 1000 B. C. E. The impact these beliefs left on the country were. A particular belief system, Buddhism impacted China profusely. This belief system impacted china in a number of various factors. The belief in Buddhism impacted China china’s culture through many political, social and economic stances. After defeating 100,500 men in violent warfare, Asoka felt great remorse. Despite the victory he was consumed with grief. Asoka found comfort in the teaching of Siddhartha Gautama and converted to Buddhism. After his conversion, he began to govern his kingdom under the teachings of Buddha. The laws and principles of non-violence, virtue and love where strictly enforced in the kingdom. Buddhism strongly reigned over Asoka’s political empire. With the belief system he was able to bring the kingdom from a state of warfare to peace the India has not seen since his reign. Because of his conversion to Buddhism, Asoka remains one of the greatest leaders of antiquity. One of the greatest impact religion can have is it’s social appeal. While India was being controlled by the Caste system, so were religions. Your social class also determined your religion. Buddhism was highly popular with the lower cast. The practices and rituals were affordable for those who could not afford. Because of Buddhism, Monks had homes in the monosaries. Buddhism greatly accommodated the people of low social status but that didn’t mean those of higher class could not practice it too. Soon after Buddhism had become so wide spread that Mahayana Buddhism became the Buddhism â€Å"for the masses† According to Buddha, the root of all evil is suffering. This is not the average economic principle. Siddhartha Gautama made this theory however when he abandoned his lavish life to find enlightenment. He witnessed much suffering and made a very impactful theory. After this great revelation, Buddha strived to base his economics of selflessness. His teaching thought that material wealth was not important. He insisted that obsessing over one’s self was the cause of suffering and the only way to be ended is through giving up your love and attachment for material possessions. After sometime the popularity of Buddhism died out. However, the impact it left on China from 500 B. C. E to 1000 B. C. E did not. The spread of Buddhism shaped China as a whole for many centuries to come. From 500 B. C. to 100 B. C. E, Buddhism impacted society’s structure in many aspects of history.

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Performance Management System Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Performance Management System - Essay Example Performance management incorporates all the activities that increase the probability of goals being achieved. Performance management system is aimed the goals are met in both efficient and effective processes. Managers classifies a person has having successfully hurdled all so-called performance management systems. For example, the marketing employee is required to sell one car within one week. If the employee sells two cars, then the sales personnel is said to have passed his or her performance management requirements. On the other hand, if the employee is not able to sell a single car within the prescribed accounting period, the sales employee is classified as having failed his or her performance management system test. With the implementation of the performance management system, the people are guided in order they will stay on the right path. The path is equated with compliance with all job responsibilities. A person who is not being watched can be tempted to delay one’s work schedules. A person who is paid a daily wage would have a lesser drive to accomplish task when compared to a worker who is paid based on the quantity of work done in one day. The latter worker works faster because he or she knows that more work translates to more pay. On the other hand, employee who is paid on a daily basis will receive the same pay not taking into consideration the quantity of work done.

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Complaints against the Police Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Complaints against the Police - Essay Example With regard to the budding growth of the concern, the essay also tends to provide a proposal for change policy that leads to increasing policing crimes. In this context, the proposal for a change in policing policy includes a set of effective recommendations that can enable policymakers to reduce different potential issues. Acts of corruption, brutality, and bribery by the people with legislative power have long been witnessed to radically weaken the public faith on the governments. However, the loss of public faith is often regarded to be acute when the legislative acts involved with the police. This is owing to the fact that public, irrespective of their locations relies upon the law enforcement officers in order to uphold legal commandments and ensure adequate protection of the communities and provide assistance when needed. With due regards to various law enforcement reports and analysis, police officers are often considered as the most visible governmental arm for the communities or the citizens. They are often considered to be a yardstick through, which they measure their appropriate authority. The illegal acts performed by the police officers often lead them, to be dishonored not only by himself, but the practices also disgrace the entire legal environment along with the judicial system that he/ she represents (Williams, 2002). Unfortunately, to the growing concern of police officer complaints, there is a number of crucial factors that lead or enable them to commit unethical or illegal practices. In this regard, the organizational culture is often regarded as one of the major aspects that encourage police officers to commit different types of corruption-related acts. Those acts often recognize to be practiced in the form of monetary bribes, misuse of their authorities, or concealing numerous criminal activities.

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How similar are the experiences of minority ethnic groups in the UK Essay

How similar are the experiences of minority ethnic groups in the UK labour market Give evidence for your answer - Essay Example Whites always had good percentage of people having better jobs as compared to non-whites. To be more specific, the major professional and managerial based jobs were mainly held by the whites. Non-whites found to have been struggling in the labour markets of UK and thus majority of non-whites either remained unemployed or self-employed. However, in the last decade, the dynamics of UK labour market has experienced significant improvements. These improvements have emerged as a result of increasing employment rates of minority ethnic groups especially Black Africans, Bangladeshis and Pakistanis over a period of around 30 years (Cohen and Kennedy, 2007, p.16). The major reason behind this is the improvement in educational credentials and professional skills of these minority ethnic groups. Despite having such improvements, still the majority of jobs, attainments and occupational trainings are mainly provided to white British population and the other minority ethnic groups are found to hav e been obtaining jobs quite narrowly especially at managerial and professional level. With the increasing racial and discriminating practices prevailing in UK labour market, the gap between the whites and non-whites in labour market still exists effectively. Undoubtedly, tremendous amount of growth can be experienced in terms of non-white men getting closer to their white counterparts in getting jobs. However, this situation is quite disappointing in case of non-white women getting employed as compared to white women. For Pakistani and Bangladeshi women, the scenario of getting employment among women is worse than expected such that their employment rate is even blow 30%. Even though there are more bright prospects available for the minority ethnic groups in terms of achieving better jobs than before due to their higher educational professional background, yet their living conditions are unable to portray these bright prospects. As a result, the minority ethnic groups preferred to g et self employed rather than going after the managerial positions as the future prospects for the whites are readily available for them as compared to minority ethnic groups, most of them are Chinese and Indians. The other minority group comprising Pakistanis and Bangladeshis remained stick to their original preference of self employment such that they are mainly working under specific sectors which include small retail business, fast food restaurants and taxi driving occupations. The way these minority ethnic groups are viewed and perceived among UK social classes, is the major reason behind such discrimination that occurs with the minority ethnic groups in the labour market. Having non-British origin has created immense difficulties for those minority ethnic groups, due to which they are unable to reach at the higher executive level positions even though they are well equipped in terms of their educational background (Macionos and Plummer, 2008, p.22). Ethnicity itself has become a greater hurdle for the graduates belonging to minority ethnic groups to avail employment opportunities and getting higher positions in their jobs. Their efforts are declined even though they have tried to mitigate the impact of their ethnic background by acquire high quality education and training. Similarly, in terms of receiving salaries and earnings, minority ethnic g

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Rag time (movie) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Rag time (movie) - Essay Example the height of success and sophistication (Forman, n.p.).Walker Coalhouse has walked up the ladder of the social class courtesy of his talent in music, where he plays the piano in a successful Jazz band, allowing him to become successful both in fame and fortune (Canby, n.p.). Under the current social stratification of the community in which Coalhouse lives, he belongs to the bottom layer of the social class; the blacks, and thus some of the white people volunteering at a firehouse in New York cannot stand to see a black man riding in such an expensive and state-of-the-art car. This makes the fire chief, Conklin to rally the volunteers to blockade the way and stop him from passing with his car, and later leads them in wrecking Coalhouse’s Model-T (Forman, n.p.). The attempt by Coalhouse to seek justice for the racial mistreatment that he received fails completely, because the justice system is dedicated to racism, thus it cannot offer a black man any justice (Forman, n.p.). Starting with the search for a lawyer to represent him in the case to petitioning the police to address his case by having the fire chief charged for the injustice he committed against him, the whole system refuses to work in his favor not because Coalhouse is on the wrong or because he cannot afford to pay the requisite legal fees, but simply because he s black (Canby, n.p.). Therefore, the theme of racism has featured in the entire film, building up from one episode to the other until the film ends without a clear solution to the problem of racism having been devised. The motif of the film is presented through fantasy and illusion, where the film has mixed up real life characters and events with other imaginary and unreal narratives that create a sense of confusion and lack of comprehension of the film. The historical events in the film are so mixed up, while there lacks the focus on one-sided historical narration (Canby, n.p.). Contrary, the film presents a multiplicity view of the

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Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Movie Review Example The movie, which has a historical setting notably the Second World War, shares the same ideology as the events that took place between 1942 and 1943 when constructing Burma Railway. In the movie, British prisoners set out to serve their sentence at a camp that was controlled by Japanese soldiers. Upon arrival, however, the commander in charge of the camp brings to their attention that all the prisoners are to take part in the construction of the bridge along river Kwai. The Colonel in charge of the British soldiers however does not support this ideology. Colonel Nicholson holds the opinion that the Geneva Convention prohibits his team of British prisoners from taking part in such activities and orders his team not to take part in such activities. The ideological differences held by the leaders of the two camps leads to a lot of rivalry within the camp, with both the British prisoners and Nicholson their Lieutenant being punished by Commander Shears. Nicholson is locked up while his troops are forced to withstand the strong heat brought about by the prevailing harsh weather conditions. In a sudden change of events . Nevertheless, Commander Shears pardons Nicholson. Motivated by the spirit of getting it right, Lieutenant Nicholson orders his troops to restart the construction of the bridge along river Kwai as portion of the work that had been done is not worth. Soon after the construction work has been completed, the Major Warden and Lieutenant Joyce plot a ploy to destroy the bridge. To help them in accomplishing their task they plot explosives and several wires under the bridge. Luck does not however go their way as the water levels reduce exposing the explosives under the bridge. Lieutenant Nicholson and Colonel Saito join hands, and amidst the prevailing circumstances, they manage to prevent Lieutenant Joyce from reaching the explosives. While going through the movie,

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The Importance of Safety and Security in Private Business Research Paper

The Importance of Safety and Security in Private Business - Research Paper Example Security concerns associated to criminalities and terrorism must be dealt in coordination and collaboration with police authorities and with the local government where a company is operating (Krieger & Meierrieks, 2008). Open collaboration with the police enforcement will augment business internal security problem by being updated on domestic security threats and by installing security cameras within the establishment to monitor the movement of customers within the company (Krieger & Meierrieks, 2008). Hiring security personnel will also help manage, monitor and prevent the potential security risks that may come in. Part of the corporate contingency would be to equip its human resources of knowledge on how to respond in case of terrorism or in the case of criminal intrusion within the vicinity (Krieger & Meierrieks, 2008). They should also be educated on how to be resilient and to be able to provide first aid medication in cases when staff is wounded or become the subject of a sad cr itical condition. As most companies use information technology for business competitive leveraging and to interact with customers or potential business partners, it’s essential that the management must have deep knowledge of the asymmetrical threat posed by cyber-attacks and the inherent vulnerabilities of cyberspace (from security risk) (Petrescu & Popescu, 2011). The company must have high-security measures for its web-based database and its IT experts must at all times be kept updated of threats posed by unscrupulous hackers. Considering the seriousness of cyber threats, imperative security measures and solutions must be comprehensively optimized in the use of information technology and be embedded also in a broad and sophisticated cyber security culture (Petrescu, 2011). Companies must have contingent measures too for coherent information security policies in cooperation or collaboration with skilled public and private cyber security agents as a corporate

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Case analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

Case analysis - Essay Example Wolfgang Keller, a charismatic graduate from the Harvard Business School, is the managing director of premium brewer Kà ¶nigsbrà ¤u’s Ukrainian subsidiary, Kà ¶nigsbrà ¤u-TAK AE. Before taking his current position at Kà ¶nigsbrà ¤u-TAK, Keller was a strategic planner for a large German food products manufacturer. Within six months he was promoted to general manager of a small subsidiary in Ukraine that was struggling financially. Within his roughly two years spent with the company, he managed to turn it around and create a reputation as a successful hands-on manager. After his short stint as a strategic planner, Keller left the food manufacturer and joined Kà ¶nigsbrà ¤u as managing director of its Ukrainian subsidiary. After three years in this position, Keller made significant changes which dramatically helped increase sales and revenues within the company. By changing the marketing strategy, hiring a new top-management group, restructuring the sales force, and acquiring a fourth brewery in Odessa, he increased earnings by â‚ ¬10 million. Keller loved his job here and took it because he loved the responsibility and challenges it offered. These challenges helped to form Keller’s temperament , personality and business style. One of the main issues in this case is that there are two completely different personalities and management styles between Wolfgang Keller and Dimitri Brodsky. The differences between the two have resulted in a hostile working environment and a negative relationship. Keller’s personality is relationship and task oriented and employee oriented. For example Keller likes to establish trust and relationships with co-workers by motivating them and helping them to perform better. However when it comes to Brodsky he is more coercive. Keller is a highly interactive and hands on leader, whereas Brodsky keeps his distance in his interactions.

Prrple Latifolia Essay Example for Free

Prrple Latifolia Essay The benefits of the soap go far beyond its basic purpose. Lavender is a plant that has long been used for a number of medical purposes. Lavender soap is a wonderful way to wash away the day. With its soft sweet fragrance it is great for soothing the mind and body. This soap has ingredients that can help in skin, like lime of calamansi that has benefit that when rub on dry or scaly skin can restores and add moisture to the skin. Also the purpose of this project is to know the other people that it can do soap that have all in one with Insect repellant and whitening extract. B. Result With the use of our product, we will be able to make a cheap but effective soap that can alleviate the need to buy products like lotion and repellants. Chapter 1: Background of the study At the start of the school year, Our chemistry teacher, Mrs. Grace Ababat, told us to find an Innovative Investigatory project that can help the community. Our group researched and found out that all soaps, at present, doesn’t have collective effects. Soaps mostly just have a few effects, such as whitening, germ-protecting, Etc and special soaps have only one single effect. When used for cleaning, soaps allows otherwise insoluble particles to become soluble in water and then rinsed away. For example: oil/fat insoluble in water, but when a couple of drops of dish soap are added to the mixture, the oil/fat apparently disappears. The insoluble oil/fat molecules become associated inside micelles, tiny spheres formed from soap molecules with polar hydrophilic (water-loving) groups on the outsides and encasing a lipophilic (fat-loving) pocket, which shields the oil/fat molecules from the water making it soluble. Anything that is soluble will be washed away with the water. Synthetic detergents operate by similar mechanisms to soap. Soap for cleansing are obtained by treating vegetable or animal oils and fats with a strongly alkaline solution. Fats and oils are composed of triglycerides; three molecules of fatty acids are attached to a single molecule of glycerol. Soap making companies, nowadays, remove Glycerol and sells it as a ingredient to cosmetics Soaps, Insect repellant, lotions, ETC. are now getting rather expensive. If you buy all of them then the price will range from P250-350 just to get all-natural all-in-one soap that will alleviate the need for anyone to buy other products, beside soap, just to get certain effects. Objectives Our main objective, to able to do a soap product that will alleviate the need to buy expensive products like lotion and insect repellant just to get their effects. Statement of problem 1. Will the soap alleviate the need to buy products like lotions and insect repellants? 2. Will soap provide all the effects it is supposed to? Hypotheses 1. Yes it will. It will provide for the effects product like lotions and insects repellants provide. 2. Yes. It has been proven through real-world testing among the members of our group. Significance of the study Money is a luxury people just done have. When someone need something, like insect repellent, it will cost money. Our Investigatory project’s significance is that it will have the effects of other products and the effects that most soaps don’t have. With this, it will able to save money and save time. Definition of terms Lavender Latifolia- Mediterranean plant with pale purple flowers that yields spike lavender oil. Lye- A strongly alkaline solution, especially of potassium hydroxide, used for washing or cleansing. Calamansi- A sour fruit of this plant, resembling a small tangerine and sometimes used as a flavoring or for beverage, sauces or marmalades. Coconut oil- is an edible oil extracted from the kernel or meat of matured coconuts harvested from the coconut palm (Cocos nucifera). It has various applications in food, medicine and industry. Vegetable oil- A vegetable oil is a triglyceride extracted from a plant. Such oils have been part of human culture for millennia. The term â€Å"vegetable oil† can be narrowly defined as referring only to substance that are liquid at room temperature. For this reason, vegetable oils that are solid at room temperature are sometimes called vegetable fats. Hydrogenated- to treat with hydrogen-is a chemical reaction between molecular hydrogen and another compound or element, usually in the presence of a catalyst. The process is commonly employed to reduce or saturate organic compounds. Purple- Color of the Lavender latifolia Chapter 2: Introduction Lavender oil is an essential oil obtained by distillation from the flower spikes of certain species of lavender. Lavender is used for restlessness, insomnia, nervousness and depression. It is also used for variety of digestive complaints including meteorism (abdominal swelling from gas in the intestinal or peritoneal cavity), loss of appetite, vomiting, nausea, intestinal gas (flatulence), and upset stomach. Some people use lavender for painful conditions including migraine headaches, toothaches, sprains, nerves pain, sores, and joint pain. It is also used for acne and cancer, and to promote menstruation. Lavender is applied to the skin for hair loss (alopecia areata) and pain, and to repel mosquitoes and other insects. Lavender oil, which has long been used in the production of perfume, can be used in aromatherapy. The scent has a calming effect which may aid in relaxation and the reduction of anxiety and stress. In our investigatory project, this is our main ingredient. Our Ingredients also include Calamansi. It has been proven that calamansi can remove odor and gradually whiten the skin. We used a little black pepper because it is a very effective insect repellant. Our Investigatory project only include all natural products so it is not harmful to animals, plants , humans and the environment. Chapter 1 Background to the study At the start of the school year, Our Chemistry teacher, Mrs. Grace Ababat, Told us to find an Innovative Investigatory project that can help the community. Our group researched and found out that all soaps, at present, doesn’t have collective effects. Soaps mostly just have a few effects, such as whitening, germ-protecting, ETC, and special soaps have only one single effect. When used for cleaning, soap allows otherwise insoluble particles to become soluble in water and then be rinsed away. For example: oil/fat is insoluble in water, but when a couple of drops of dish soap are added to the mixture, the oil/fat apparently disappears. The insoluble oil/fat molecules become associated inside micelles, tiny spheres formed from soap molecules with polar hydrophilic (water-loving) groups on the outside and encasing a lipophilic (fat-loving) pocket, which shields the oil/fat molecules from the water making it soluble. Anything that is soluble will be washed away with the water. Synthetic detergents operate by similar mechanisms to soap. Soaps for cleansing are obtained by treating vegetable or animal oils and fats with a strongly alkaline solution. Fats and oils are composed of triglycerides; three molecules of fatty acids are attached to a single molecule of glycerol. Methodology Our product, Purple Latifolia, is an all-natural all-in-one soap. It will alleviate the need to buy product like lotion and insect repellants because it will provide for the effects that those products. Our product can protect the skin from bacteria, alleviate migraine, restlessness, insomnia, nervousness, headaches, toothaches, sprains, nerve pain, sores, and joint pain, repel mosquitoes and other insects, whiten the skin, relieve insomnia, pain, and agitation , heal the skin and few other effects. Latifolia means â€Å"works best in water† so our soap’s effects can be optimized with water. Source of Data The population which constituted sample as respondents in this study consists (8) third year high school students at Sto. Rosario Montessori School, Valenzuela City, during School year 2013-2014. Data Gathering and Instruments The following instruments are needed in making a soap: *Thermometer *Cups *Soap Molds *Pan *Stir *Gas stove or any kinds or stove By using this materials you can do a presentable soap. Treatment/General Procedure Mixture of Lye and water 1. Measure the water, 4oz. The measure of the lye should be half of the measure of the water. 2. Pour the lye to the water (always this way, it might explode the other way around. Mix well till it is 100 degrees farenheit) Mixture of all ingredient to become soap 1. While doing the mixture of the lye and water, first you must set the stove to 100 fahrenheit. 2. Put the oil in the stove and wait till the oil is again 100 degrees F. 3. Mix them together (mixture of lye and water) till it has a soapy texture. 4. Put the 2oz of lavender oil, the 1oz of coconut oil and lime of calamnsi. 5. After you mix everything and reach to become it soapy texture, pour it in the soap mold and let it cure (cure period depends on the quantity) Materials needed: Lavender Oil (2oz) Coconut Oil (1oz) Vegetable Oil (6oz) Lye (2oz) Pan Gas range, gas stove or griller Water (4oz) Calamansi extract (squeeze atleast 2 calamnsi Soap molder Chapter 3: Data Analysis # of trials Quantitative Qualitative First Try 4 oz of water 1 oz of lye 6 oz of vegetable oil 7. 5 ml of lavender oil 7. 5ml of coconut oil Failed Texture: Becomes oily Smell: Blending odor of lavender oil and coconut oil Color: Light green Second Try 8 oz of vegetable oil 2g of lye 2oz of water Food coloring 1 teaspoon of black pepper Failed Texture: Not yet mold Smell: Rusty odor Color: Black Fourth Try 4 oz of water 2 oz of lye 6 oz of vegetable oil 2oz of lavender oil Success Texture: It becomes mold Smell: Lavender Color: white Last Try 4 oz of water 2 oz of lye 6 oz of vegetable oil 2oz of lavender oil 1oz of coconut oil Success Texture: It becomes hard Smell: like Lavender Color: White Result The result after the trials, the soap is improving. Even if it’s hard to do, it reached the success in doing it. Just to prove to others that it can discover a soap that has all-in-one soap that has whitening extract and insect repellant that will become effective. Finally it can promote to others. Chapter 4: Conclusion and Recommendation This is all-natural product have the capability to help the community through alleviating the need to buy and use expensive product like lotion and insect repellant because it already has their effects. It will be an affordable substitute. Based on the conclusion, the following were recommended: Always follow the extract measurements Always follow the procedure accurately The materials are always clean Be careful in handling Lye Be mindful at the temperature