Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Human Resource Management Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Human Resource Management - Research Paper Example With the advances in knowledge and technology in the past few decades, more companies are resorting to digitalization of their systems and services. Employees who are able to understand the new systems quickly are maintained while the rest are laid off or relocated. This paper seeks to review the current trend of integrating learning and development into a wider strategy in organizations in the United States. Introduction There have been several trends that have emerged recently in the training and development of employees in various institutions and organizations in the United States. Innovative training technologies have been utilized in some major companies to educate and train their workers, while ensuring they are accountable for the required programs they are supposed to undertake. In human resources, departments which are tasked with recruitment, hiring, and catering for career developments of employees (Bones, 2006), require training programs to address issues among their emp loyees such as performance, behavior or conduct issues. Human resources training and development enhances communication in the workplace and it improves the performance and overall morale of workers. This gives the company a great and continuous advantage to their competitors. A training program thus entails assessing the need that an organization has, designing the necessary material to address the need, developing relevant training exercises and presentations and implementing the program with an evaluation of the results for success. Literature Review The emergence of change and advancement of technology and expectation have led to many challenges to organizations around the globe and major trends in the organizations in the United States have been adopted such as the hiring and employment trend (Bones, 2006). Due to small company budgets, managers are resorting to cheap labor by opting to employ non graduates over graduates. They are reducing the amount of human labor in their co mpanies and implementing digital systems to offer services to their clients more efficiently. Several factors determine the decision by managers to resort to these trends in an organization such as the cost implications of a training program, the ineffectiveness of initial training programs and lack of commitment of employees among others. The role of line managers in coaching and development In many organizations, the training and development activities are increasingly declining due to the high cost of training programs. This decrease could be reflected due to small training budgets or no faith in the value that training employees bring to the organization. If the management of an organization invests in a training program and the results of the program have little or no success on the intended business benefits then they would be hesitant to implement the program a second time. Organizations that are small and have a small number of employees are more likely to lag behind on trai ning the workers probably due to budget constraints. Managements in these organizations opt to minimize on human labor or they employ people with minimal skills to save on salary costs. They pay more attention on equipping the managers who the business depend on to lead it more effectively and focus less on coaching the other employees. Organizations with a high number of employees, more than ten thousand, and charitable organizations are also more likely to lag

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