Friday, August 9, 2019

IS theories, are they emerged in IS disciplines or adopted from other Article - 1

IS theories, are they emerged in IS disciplines or adopted from other disciplines - Article Example 66). These roles include: Information systems have also had a significant impact on productivity of service and manufacturing operations. Recent studies have led to factory automation, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, etc. Such advances have improved the productivity and quality of organizations (Gurbaxani & Seungjin, 1991, p. 66). Various theories within the information systems discipline have contributed to the development of application systems. For example, knowledge sharing between different organizations and groups has been enabled by conducting both psychological and social studies. By applying borrowed theories from these disciplines it has been possible to identify what factors affect knowledge sharing behavior in humans (Hall, 2003, p.11). Literature from such studies sheds light into the factors motivating knowledge and information sharing within organizations. Ultimately, this will enable the development of systems and policies that are of great benefit to an organization. Theories within the discipline of information systems have enabled system developers to justify the costs associated with development of application systems for organization. It is now possible to justify the strategic advantage of information systems to the managers of an organization. The theory of competitive strategy has enabled firms to change the way they serve their customers all in an effort to earn profits. Research into human behavior has enabled the development of customer centered application systems. Information system as a discipline is concerned with the development of information systems that model real world artifacts. It is vital that these real world artifacts be modeled in a proper manner. For this to be possible, fine theories are required. These theories enable developers and researchers to describe the facts and events that are being modeled. Theories are used in design projects to trigger the specifics of

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