Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Jews and Chapter Essay Example for Free

Jews and Chapter Essay 1. Elie’s first impression of the camp at Buna was that it looked empty and dead as if an epidemic had hit. 2. Elie and his father have to work in a factory where they fix electrical circuits. 3. The Jewish dentist is caught stealing the prisoner’s gold teeth and was ordered to be hung. 4. The part of Elie’s body that is aware of the passage of time is his stomach because he goes a long time without getting anything to eat. 5. Idek accused Elie’s father of being lazy and not doing his job. Elie just sits there and watches silently. 6. The dentist from Warsaw uses a rusty old spoon to extract Elie’s gold crown. 7. Elie is whipped by Idek an amount of 25 times for leaving his area of work. 8. The ones who bombed Buna were the Americans. 9. The pipel is hanged because he was found under the possession of weapons. 10. The pipel’s hanging was different from any others because everybody loved the pipel. He also suffered and died slowly. Chapter 5: 1. During the prayer being said for Rosh Hashanah, Elie refuses to fast and thinks that God has forgotten about them and since then starts to lose his faith in him. 2. Elie feels abandoned by God and imagines a world without mankind. 3. According to the veterans of Buna, they say that it is like a little paradise because there were selections every week that were very brutal. They would also suffer a lot of cold because they didn’t get the warm clothes and blankets. 4. The thing the prisoners fear the most at the camp are the selections. 5. Dr. Mengele is t one who is in charge of the selections. 6. The inheritance Elie’s father gives him just in case he doesn’t make it through the second selection is a knife and an old spoon. 7. When Elie made the statement, he meant that Hitler had kept his promise of killing all of the Jewish people, and God had not kept his promise of helping them. 8. Elie and his father decided to evacuate with the others because they thought the sick ones were going to be sent to the crematorium. Elie later found out they were liberated by the Russians. If he and his father had stayed, they would have been liberated at that time as well. 9. The wooden floor of the barrack is cleaned before they leave because the SS want the Red Army to know that men had been living there, not pigs. 10. Whether or not Elie should fast. Chapter 6: 1. The prisoners have to run for hours, and if anybody fails to keep up, they are shot. It was also very cold and windy. 2. Zalman can’t continue to march because he felt like his stomach was going to explode. 3. The presence of his father gives Elie the strength to continue the march because he feels like his father is his â€Å"soul support. † 4. The violin is so important to Juliek because it is the only thing he loves to do the most. 5. Juliek playing Beethoven’s concerto was so important because he had not been able to play it before, and there, he played out his life and a tribute to everyone. 6. When he said that, he was referring to the broken violin. Chapter 7: 1. When he woke up, he thought his dad was dead because he was not moving. 2. Elie, years later, asks a woman not to throw out money to the poor because it reminded him of the pieces of bread being thrown into the cattle car by a man. It was so bad a son killed his own father for a tiny piece of bread. 3. It is horrific because everyone is so hungry they are fighting for a little piece of bread and the men have become like beasts. It is sad because a father was killed by his own son. 4. Elie and his father end up going to Buchenwald. Chapter 8: 1. Elie is angry because his father wanted to sleep, but if he went to sleep, he would die. 2. Elie started thinking like the rabbi’s son when he had promised himself he would never do that. He thought it would be easier if his father died, that way he would only need to take care of himself. 3. While Elie’s father is sick, he tries to help him by giving him his ration of soup and bread, while he also watched him instead of going to work and stuff. 4. When Elie’s father keeps asking for water, he is struck and beat by the SS. Chapter 9: 1. After the death of his father, Elie feels that there is no longer any valid reason to keep living. 2. The Germans are concerned with liquidating the cap and evacuating the prisoners because they do not want other countries to see what they are doing to the Jewish population. 3. The thing that stops the final evacuation of the camp is the resistance movement. 4. After they are liberated, all the Jews wanted to eat since they had gone six days without food. 5. At the end of the novel, Elie’s reflection stares back at him and he describes his image as a living corpse.

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