Sunday, September 8, 2019

The Importance of Safety and Security in Private Business Research Paper

The Importance of Safety and Security in Private Business - Research Paper Example Security concerns associated to criminalities and terrorism must be dealt in coordination and collaboration with police authorities and with the local government where a company is operating (Krieger & Meierrieks, 2008). Open collaboration with the police enforcement will augment business internal security problem by being updated on domestic security threats and by installing security cameras within the establishment to monitor the movement of customers within the company (Krieger & Meierrieks, 2008). Hiring security personnel will also help manage, monitor and prevent the potential security risks that may come in. Part of the corporate contingency would be to equip its human resources of knowledge on how to respond in case of terrorism or in the case of criminal intrusion within the vicinity (Krieger & Meierrieks, 2008). They should also be educated on how to be resilient and to be able to provide first aid medication in cases when staff is wounded or become the subject of a sad cr itical condition. As most companies use information technology for business competitive leveraging and to interact with customers or potential business partners, it’s essential that the management must have deep knowledge of the asymmetrical threat posed by cyber-attacks and the inherent vulnerabilities of cyberspace (from security risk) (Petrescu & Popescu, 2011). The company must have high-security measures for its web-based database and its IT experts must at all times be kept updated of threats posed by unscrupulous hackers. Considering the seriousness of cyber threats, imperative security measures and solutions must be comprehensively optimized in the use of information technology and be embedded also in a broad and sophisticated cyber security culture (Petrescu, 2011). Companies must have contingent measures too for coherent information security policies in cooperation or collaboration with skilled public and private cyber security agents as a corporate

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