Monday, September 9, 2019

Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Movie Review Example The movie, which has a historical setting notably the Second World War, shares the same ideology as the events that took place between 1942 and 1943 when constructing Burma Railway. In the movie, British prisoners set out to serve their sentence at a camp that was controlled by Japanese soldiers. Upon arrival, however, the commander in charge of the camp brings to their attention that all the prisoners are to take part in the construction of the bridge along river Kwai. The Colonel in charge of the British soldiers however does not support this ideology. Colonel Nicholson holds the opinion that the Geneva Convention prohibits his team of British prisoners from taking part in such activities and orders his team not to take part in such activities. The ideological differences held by the leaders of the two camps leads to a lot of rivalry within the camp, with both the British prisoners and Nicholson their Lieutenant being punished by Commander Shears. Nicholson is locked up while his troops are forced to withstand the strong heat brought about by the prevailing harsh weather conditions. In a sudden change of events . Nevertheless, Commander Shears pardons Nicholson. Motivated by the spirit of getting it right, Lieutenant Nicholson orders his troops to restart the construction of the bridge along river Kwai as portion of the work that had been done is not worth. Soon after the construction work has been completed, the Major Warden and Lieutenant Joyce plot a ploy to destroy the bridge. To help them in accomplishing their task they plot explosives and several wires under the bridge. Luck does not however go their way as the water levels reduce exposing the explosives under the bridge. Lieutenant Nicholson and Colonel Saito join hands, and amidst the prevailing circumstances, they manage to prevent Lieutenant Joyce from reaching the explosives. While going through the movie,

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