Thursday, June 20, 2019

Residential Schools Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

residential Schools - Research Paper ExampleThe schools were formed for the social occasion of educating but they terminate up with devastating results due to their deviation from their goal of providing education. The residential schools run in Canada were mostly run by Christian missionaries. The residential schools are believed to picnic a negative use in the lives of many natives as these natives had been physically and sexually abused at many instances in the schools. This issue became highlighted after these acts were revealed by some of the natives. Moreover even some native leaders came ahead and spoke roughly the abuse that they had to face in these residential schools and their public statements set ahead served to highlight this issue. This led to the formation of different commissions to look into the matter which included The Truth and Reconciliation Commission which was directed to find out more about the residential schools and as to how they affected the society in a negative or positive way (Austen 2008). This essay would further revolve around the use of goods and services of these native schools and the impact that these residential schools left on the natives. Residential Schools The first known residential schools were basically initiated in North America and Canada. The primary role of the residential schools operating in Canada and North America was to inject the western culture into a society which was mostly unaware about it and thus it had the purpose of making the western culture dominant above the other cultures that were present in these countries. The schools were based on a scheme of removing children from their familys influence at a very early age by making their enrollment compulsory in these schools so that they could not grasp much of their... This paper stresses that the Residential Schools faced from unhygienic conditions because of which the natives suffered from different kinds of diseases. Smallpox and tuberculosi s were seen to be common in the natives who studied in these schools because of these conditions. They also paved a platform for the enmity between the natives and the government as they created a difference between the goals of the government and the goals of the natives. Moreover because of the lower budget allocated to these schools it was also seen that the natives had to face from the problem of clothing. This report makes a conclusion that the residential schools left a negative impact on the whole native society. The implementation of the scheme of residential schools proved to be a total failure and was presumably aimed at eradicating the culture of natives from the country. Snatching away the rights of the natives was a theme of the residential school scheme because of which many of the natives s work on suffer till date. After studying from the residential schools the natives are also seen to suffer from disorders such as the Residential Syndrome. The physical and sexual abuses suffered by many of the aboriginals have sleep with forward in front of the world. A commission has been formed to find out everything about the residential schools and it is believed that the commission would soon be providing with its results. The impact that the residential schools brought to the natives was a negative one and many of the natives are still recovering from the incidents that they faced while studying in these schools.

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