Friday, June 21, 2019

Film evaluation abt either action or fantasy (not science fiction) or Essay

Film evaluation abt either action or fantasy ( non science fiction) or animation or legal drama - Essay ExampleJerry begins with interviewing Susan Alexander the second wife of Kane who runs her own pub but she refuses to give her any development about Kane, this forces jerry to go into the private collection of Walter Parks Thatcher who was a banker and acted as a guardian to Kane during his childhood this helps jerry understand Kanes childhood. In addition, he in any case interviewed Mr Bernstein who was Kanes personal manager, his estranged friend Jedidah Leyland, his butler Raymond and Susan, his second wife. The flashbacks got from people close to Kane reveal that he spent his childhood in poverty in Colorado up to the time when a gold mine was discovered in his parents piece f land, during that time, he was sent to live with Thatcher in evidence to attend school. When he reached 25 years he took up his inheritance, invested in the New York inquirer and hired the best journal ists and went ahead to marry the presidents niece and vies for the position of governor in New York. His marriage begins to get sour, which leads him to have an affair with a singer by the name Susan Alexander whom he subsequent marries when his first wife discovers about it and leaves him. In his last years, Kane was keener in building his empire and he only interacted with his staff members.At the end of the film, jerry finds out that he could not be able to solve the mystery of rosebud therefore he theorizes that it was something that Kane could not achieve or something that he lost. It is revealed that rosebud referred to a toboggan that Kane had from his childhood, which alluded to the time in his life when he was genuinely happy.Welles, who was the director of the movie, managed the publicity to ensure the influence of the movie fro Hearsts life remained undetected- Hearst was a rich businessperson in the media industry. This did not work and Hearst was infuriated with it and wanted the film not to show in any screens, he therefore offered to compensate Welles for all

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