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Criminal Record Management

wr etceteraed testify focal point sorry playscript way TEAM figure of speech THE formorS THE GREAT MIND CHALLENGE 2012 wretched learn anxiety SOFTWARE sine qua non SPECIFICATION Atal Bihari Vajpayee Indian Institute of randomness Techno put downy and focusing, Gwalior, MADHYA PRADESH Team Guide Dr. Anurag Shrivastava Members NITIKA IPG-2011-070 HIMANI SHARMA IPG-2011-042 PRIYANKA AGRAWAL IPG-2011-082 discussion section Information Technology 1 1 THE constructorS THE constructorS State Madhya Pradesh venomous mark charge bend figure heed accede OF CONTENTS 1 Introduction 1. 1 Purpose 1. Scope 1. 3 Definition, Acronyms, and Abbreviations 1. 4 References 1. 5 Tools to be numerical functiond 1. 6 Technologies to be use 1. 7 Over visual sense 2. 0 Over every last(predicate) Description 2. 1 mathematical product Perspective 2. 2 Software drug substance absubstance ab drug user interface 2. 3 computer hardware Interface 2. 4 harvest-time Function 2. 5 substance abuser Characteristics 2. 6 Constraints 2. 7 Architecture intent 2. 8 use Case simulation Description 2. 9. 1 relegate plat 2. 9. 2 Sequence Diagrams 2. 10. 1 ER Diagram 2. 10. 2 Schema 2. 11 Assumptions and Dependencies 3. 0 Specific Requirements 3. 1 intent caTHE constructorS THE constructorS se Reports 2 2 3. 2 Supplementary Requirements condemnable videotape forethought bend playscript precaution reprehensible al-Quran prudence criminal RECORD steering 1 instauration constabulary provides safety to citizens. It always trunk steady for arresting all condemnable who is a threat for the safety of society. afterwardsward establishing the true fir from any citizen, legal philosophy starts its wager and on that basis it arrests the turns if proofs are tack against them. Once the barbarouss are arrested, police starts investigating from them. After getting all the proofs against the criminal, it is the occupation of the police to present all the proofs hones tly to the court so that the right man can get right punishment.The dead on target and right information provided by the peck to police helps a lot in arresting the criminals who try to spoil the nonaggressive environment of society. Along with low earnings scale, facilities of modern technology such as computerized formation of pull throughing constitutions are non provided to police incision which causes low expertness. As it is the age of computers and all the organizations today use computers to maintain their book of accounts, so this facility should in any case be curbn to police department in order to increase their ability and to save their prison term. 1. 1 Purpose-Purpose of this Project is to lend oneself a CRM ( evil character Management). This is a database remains in which police entrust keep the record of evils who throw off been arrested, to be arrested or escaped. This volition help the Police department to manage their records easily. In po lice trunk when an incident occurs, a suitor reports an FIR (First Information Report). Police starts investigation fit to law on this FIR. An investigation officeholder supervises the investigation process. The main concerning people in the whole process are Petitioner (The soul who files an FIR), Victim, Accused/ poisonous, investigation officer. . 2 Scope The Scope of the criminal record prudence includes- The scope of the lamentable RECORD MANGEMENT involves all the prohibitions &type A record- data under CRM project and since it is a vastly implicate record by the crime colligate department therefore the scope though circumscribed to be implicated yet. * Meant for 5 different users 1) cast out Superintendent 2) Police Officers 3) CBI officers 4) executive director 5) Judge * each(prenominal) have their own profiles in crook RECORD MANAGEMENT(CRM) decision makers maintains database, backup and relate data time to time. Police officer can anticipate for criminal s history, can transfer criminal to some other jail. * CBI officer can pay heed for enlarge of any criminal. * Judge can look for criminals record, decide criminals punishment. * Police superintendent records all necessary data about a criminal and update databaseTHE constructorS THE constructorS 1. 3 Definitions, Acronyms Abbreviations 1. 3 3 THE constructorS THE constructorS CRIMINAL RECORD MANAGEMENT CRIMINAL RECORD MANAGEMENT CRM criminal Record prudence. 2. HTML (Hyper school text Mark-up Language) It is used to create static sack up pages. . JSP (Java emcee Pages) It is used to create high-voltage entanglement content. 4. J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition) It is a programme platform, belonging to the Java platform, which is used for jumpment and run distri onlyed java applications. 5. WSAD ( clear-Sphere Studio cover Developer) It is a constructer toolkit which is intentional to develop more complex projects by providing a complete dynamic web military servi ce. 6. WASCE (Web-Sphere coating server Community Edition) It is an application legion that runs and supports the J2EE and the web service applications. . DB2 (IBM Database 2) It is a database management arrangement that provides a flexible and economical database platform to raise a rigid on demand business applications. 8. HTTP (Hyper Text transfer Protocol) It is a trans proceeding orientated lymph gland/ server protocol surrounded by a web browser and a web server. 9. XML (Extensible Mark-up Language) It is a markup language that was designed to transport and store data. 10. Ajax (Asynchronous Java hired man and XML) It is a technique used in java script to create dynamic web pages. 11. Web 2. It is commonly associated with web applications which facilitate interactive information sharing, interoperability, user-centred design and collaboration on the World child handle Web. 12. UML Unified modelling Language is a standard language for writing software product blue prints. The UML may be used to visualize, decide, construct and document. 13. RAD Rational employment Developer is a development tool that helps to design web pages and similarly helps to design the diagrams like ER, Database abstract diagrams and to generate DDL. 1. 4 References * IBM TGMC Sample synopsis * IBM- www. ibm. in/develeporworks * THE constructorSTHE constructorS CRIMINAL RECORD MANAGEMENT CRIMINAL RECORD MANAGEMENT Java- www. sun. com * Wikipedia- www. wikipedia. com * spot Reference-J2EE * 4 4 Object orient Modelling and Design with UML-Michael Blaha, James pack Baugh. * Software Engineering, Seventh Edition, Ian Somerville. * IBM Red Books. * Database Management governances Nava the. 1. 5 Tools to be used * come up/RSA / Web-Sphere Modeler * Eclipse/ RAD / sacred lotus Forms Designer / Portlet Factory * Web-Sphere Portal/ WAS/ WAS CE / WPS * DB2 Express C or DB2 UDB * Tivoli CDP/TSM / Tivoli Directory Server * Linux as the preferred OS. 1. Technologies To Be utilize * J2EE (Servlet, JSP, JAXP, Java Beans) Application architecture. * JAVA Application architecture. * WASCE (Web-Sphere Application Server Community Edition) Web Server * DB2 IBM Database. * RAD 7. 0 reading tool 1. 7 Over work out- * A paid looking user interface with login IDs for criminals, police officers, superintendents, administrator and judge. * Once recruited all the users rise to power their right to respected functions or actions as enlisted later. * Another lot of this is the reports generated in response to- a) Registration confirmations. ) Statement of security and privacy. c) publish outs for criminals history. * Functions/actions of 1) cast away Superintendent * Register the wise Criminal. * Record the Crime causa and exposit of the crime. * Take the information like word-painting from 3 different view, declension group, sense print, retina scan and deoxyribonucleic acid information. * THE constructorS THE constructorS CRIMINAL RECORD MANA GEMENT CRIMINAL RECORD MANAGEMENT hunt Criminal with any of the preceding(prenominal) comment. * CRIMINAL RECORD MANAGEMENT CRIMINAL RECORD MANAGEMENT Update the modern crime of existing criminal. * 5 5 detect the current location of the criminal (i. . Cell No. , Jail consult etc. ) * Maintain the records of meeting with outsiders. * Record the data of health condition if any. * depute works. 2) Police Officers * Search the criminal by name/blood group/type of crime/Jail No. /DNA/Image/Sketch. * Transfer the criminal to another(prenominal) jail. * entry full information of criminals. 3) CBI Officers * Search the criminal by name/blood group/type of crime/Jail No. /DNA/Image/Sketch. * Access full information of criminals. 4) Administrator * Maintain the database. * Grant/Revoke role to/from other exploiters. * Backup and restore of data. * Monitor the Jail Administration. ) Judge * Access information of criminals. * THE constructorS THE constructorS besides access informatio n about other exercisers. * CRIMINAL RECORD MANAGEMENT CRIMINAL RECORD MANAGEMENT Reduce/ augment the direct of punishment. * 6 6 Transfer the criminal to other location. * Constraints a) The content and in writing(p) user interface is in English. b) Login and word of honor is for identification. c) The allowed person is allowed to access the database only upto a limited extend. d) This system of rules is limited to HTTP/HTTPS. e) This system is functional for single server only. 2. 0 Overall Description- 2. 1 Product PerspectiveTHE constructorS THE constructorS CRIMINAL RECORD MANAGEMENT CRIMINAL RECORD MANAGEMENT 2. 2 Software Interface * Client on net income Web Browser, Operating system (LINUX preferred) * Web Server WASCE, Operating System (LINUX preferred) * Data Base Server CRIMINAL RECORD MANAGEMENT CRIMINAL RECORD MANAGEMENT DB2, Operating System (LINUX preferred) * organic evolution End RAD (J2EE, Java, Java Bean, Servlets, HTML, XML, AJAX), DB2, OS (LINUX prefer red), Web-Sphere(Web Server) 7 7 2. 3 Hardware Interface 2. 3. 1 Client side of meat * Browser- earnings Explorer, Mozilla Firefox,NN, * Processor- All Intel or AMD- 1 gigacycle per second Ram- 256 MB * dish aerial space- ascorbic acid MB 2. 3. 2 Server billet * For RAD * Processor- All Intel or AMD- 1 GHZ * Ram- 2 GB * Disk space- 5 GB * For DB 10. 12 * Processor- All Intel or AMD- 1 GHZ * Ram- 512 MB * Disk space- 500 MB 2. 4 Product Function-The SIC node should be running on the client system so as to grade the account enlarge of the user. The server will only respond to those systems where the client is running THE constructorS THE constructorS 2. 5 dor characteristics 1. General Users They will be in a office staff to permit access to the users in the Internet and acknowledge their account status. 2.Administrators They are the nerve users and are able to add clean users to the system and permit them to access the Internet resources. They can also view in real time what a user is performing right now. They can also get the overall report of the user sessions. 3. Client Users They login at the client level and this is to get access to the Internet at the client level. They can also view their account status in the client system. 2. 6 CRIMINAL RECORD MANAGEMENT CRIMINAL RECORD MANAGEMENT Constraints * 8 8 The content and graphical user interface is in English. * Login and password is for identification. The allowed person is allowed to access the database only upto a limited extend. * This system is limited to HTTP/HTTPS. * This system is working for single server only. 2. 7 CRIMINAL RECORD MANAGEMENT CRIMINAL RECORD MANAGEMENT Architecture DESIGN- THE constructorS THE constructorS 9 9 2. 8 Use Case Model Description- CRIMINAL RECORD MANAGEMENT CRIMINAL RECORD MANAGEMENT User User can log in after registration whence look for rank , give information like name, localization,& other Information about the criminals. Administrator- Administr ator monitors the details of criminals, aggregates feedback, Backup & restore of data.Manager- Works same as administrator and also monitors , and works on input from feedback Public reviews They interrogate or give reviews on open web found funds listed for utilization, maintaining proper confidentiality 2. 9. 1 Class Diagram- User Managers Admin User-name User-id() User-id() word of honor Password() Password() Sign-up() Login() Login() Search-criminal() Feedback() Criminal() come home-details() Criminal() View-status() Feedback() Add-new Criminal() THE constructorS THE constructorS Login() 10 10 CRIMINAL RECORD MANAGEMENT CRIMINAL RECORD MANAGEMENT 2. 9. Sequence Diagram- THE constructorS THE constructorS THE constructorS THE constructorS 11 11 CRIMINAL RECORD MANAGEMENT CRIMINAL RECORD MANAGEMENT 2. 10. 1 ER DIAGRAM- THE constructorS THE constructorS 12 12 THE constructorS THE constructorS CRIMINAL RECORD MANAGEMENT CRIMINAL RECORD MANAGEMENT 2. 10. 2 SC HEMA- CRIMINALS Name Criminal id Occupation participation of Arrest escort of parentage Crime penalization details Address Sex Finger grade Blood Group Photograph Punishment starts on Punishment ends on security (if given) Health report Unwanted drill during punishment Jail Details target AdminName Email id Date of birth Sex Occupation qualification intercommunicate Number Password agricultural keen User Name Email id Date of birth Sex Occupation Qualification Achievement Contact_num Password City Country Registered Profile Name Email- Id Sex Password Address Date of birth Contact Number Police station locate Id Station Name Station Location Station In-charge lock away up mode Lock up Number Lock up Location Room surface Maximum Capacity(allowed) Present status Criminal In Jail Jail Id Criminal id MEDIA Media Id Media Name Media Type 13 13 2. 11 Assumptions and Dependencies Initially only both locations are connected to the SIC * apiece location is always connect ed, whether an operator is logged on at the remote location or not * Each User must(prenominal) have a User-ID and password * in that respect is only one Administrator. * Server must always run under Linux system * Internet connection is a must. * kosher browsers should be installed * Text readers should be installed to view the help files. THE constructorS THE constructorS CRIMINAL RECORD MANAGEMENT CRIMINAL RECORD MANAGEMENT THE constructorS THE constructorS 3. graphical USER INTERFACE- 3. 0 Specific Requirements 1) The details within it should be defined as individual unique(predicate) requirements, pastime the guidelines for vigorous requirements (verifiable, unambiguous, etc. ) (2) Specific requirements should be nonionized in a logical and well-defined fashion. (3) Each requirement should be declared such that its achievement can be objectively verified by a prescribed method. (4) obtains of a requirement should be identified where that is useful in instinct the r equirement. (5) One way to classify the specific requirements is as follows 14 14 3. 1 Use Case Reports- CRIMINAL RECORD MANAGEMENT CRIMINAL RECORD MANAGEMENTUse case Description Login The user has to register for prime(prenominal) time then log in Update Profile Information like current address, ration card etc. Give feedback Giving feedback to the manager 15 15 THE constructorS 7 THE constructorS 7 Use case Description Login The Administrator has to register for first time then log in History of criminal Keeps record and check of criminal Aggregate feedback hive away feedback from User Give feedback Give individual(prenominal) and collected feedback to manager Ask query Ask query to the manager Use case DescriptionLogin The Manager has to register for first time then log in History of criminal The Administrator has to register for first time then log in Aggregate feedback invite feedback from user Efficiency check Checking the efficiency of database and administrator Input from feedback Reviewing feedback and involving concerned action 16 16 THE constructorS 7 THE constructorS 7 3. 2 External Interface (Supplementary) Requirements-This should specify (1) The characteristics that the software must support for severally human interface to the software product.For example, if the user of the system operates through a discover terminal, the following should be specified * inevitable screen formats * Page layout and content of any reports or menus * Relative timing of inputs and outputs * availableness of some form of programmable function keys. CRIMINAL RECORD MANAGEMENT CRIMINAL RECORD MANAGEMENT the use of other need software products (for example, a data management system, an operating system, or a mathematical package), and interfaces with other application systems is specified to a lower place- For each required software product, the following should be provided * Name Mnemonic * specification Number * Version number * Source For each interface * The purpose of the interfacing software should be related to the software product. * It is not necessary to detail any well-documented interface, but a reference to the document delimit the interface is required. (1) Safety Requirements-Highly recommend Kaspersky 2013 net income security to been Installed in users Pc to disallow the harm that may occurs by throwaway(prenominal) malicious softwares, phishing URLs and all the types of virus attacks during using this application. 2) Security Requirements-All users should be aright authenticated before allowed entry into the system authentication will be establish on an E-mail address, and a password. All activities on the system must be logged. (3) Non-Functional Requirements- Secure access of confidential data (users details). SSL can be used. 24 X 7 availability. Better component design to get better achievement at peak time. Flexible service based architecture will be highly desirable for future extension. 17 17 THE constr uctorS 7 THE constructorS 7

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