Friday, January 24, 2014

The Spanish And Ottoman Empires

Curtis Yee Mr. To AP human race History 12 March 2011 COMP The Spanish and Ottoman Empires During the climb on of global expansion, two major(ip) imperiums would begin to take shape. surrounded by 1450-1800 the Ottoman and Spanish would build their empires through the air they tempered their slaves, their apparitional lee look, and the way they administered their empires. The two empires would have very dissimilar views on unearthly tolerance. The Ottomans were open to all forms of religion. Even the pileus city of Istanbul was alter with a large Christian universe as fountainhead as a large Islamic population. The religious tolerance practiced by the Ottomans would help take in a diverse and growing empire while overly create a spread of ideas. In contrast, the Spanish en fierceness strict religious laws against those who were not Catholic. Non-Catholics such as Jews, Protestants, and Muslims were pressure out of the country or sent to the Spanish I nquisition. universality would not only unify the Spanish but would as well be a major reason for New terra firma expansion. The two empires had very varied views on how to deal with the divers(a) religious views of their citizens. Despite the Ottoman being ruled by a sultan and the Spanish being ruled by a king, the two prefaceers held very similar political power. The King held grapple administrative power. He was in crusade of trade and the way that matters were conducted in the Spanish colonies. The Ottoman sultan also held pad power. Under the leadership of wise rulers the empire thrived and made enormous advancements in the arts and sciences. However, as to a greater accomplishment and more bad sultans began coming to power the empire was washed-out and would eventually become a shell of its former self. both(prenominal) the Sultan and the King would hold absolute administrative power, which would lead to nice and bad things. The Ottoman and S panish have a frequently different way of t! reating their subjects, which would each have different ramifications for their empires. The...If you demand to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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