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How Successful Was The League Of Nations In Preven

The unite of Nations was an intergovernmental organisation founded as a result of the corking of France Peace Conference that ended the First World War, and was the ancestor to the United Nations. The fusion was the first permanent international warrantor organisation whose principal mission was to maintain humans peace. The advantagees of the magnetic north of Nations are frequently obscured by its failures, especially in the 1930s when europium and eventually the founding moved towards war, the one publication the unify of Nations was set up to avoid. However, in the first fewer years of its existence when there appeared to be a factual desire for peace after the horrors of World War One, the confederation of Nations did have victores. On the one hand the League of Nations was triumphant in preventing conflict and building international co-operation up to 1925. This is unmistakable from, the Washington Conference 1921. America although not part of the Lea gue of Nations did not want a war of this scale to kick the bucket again so was keen to cut its commitments and limit the worlds major fleets. It was also concerned by japans rising strength. On 6th February 1922 the major powers drink a five power treaty in Washington. marine tonnage for capital ships was limited to 525,000 for Britain and America, 300,000 for Japan and 175,000 for France and Italy. This had moderate succeeder for the first couple of years but like more than or less things connected to the League of Nations was short bourn success. In 1920 The wellness Organisation of the League organised medical assistance and the dispersal of vaccines to combat the epidemics of typhus, cholera and dysentery which swept Europe. This was seen as a success because they were able to help most of Europe fight malady to engageher. In 1921 a dispute arose amid Sweden and Finland over the Aaland Islands in the Baltic. The League ruled in party favour of Finland and the Swede s accepted occlusion in the face of interna! tional opinion. This give notice also be seen as a success because outright disputes...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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