Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Representative And Her Constituents

The Representative and Her Constituents The concept of substantive delegation refers to legislative branches of deviate republics describing the tendency of representatives to advocate for certain groups. In contrast, descriptive prototype means that elected officials should represent the descriptive characteristics that are politically relevant in addition to expressed preferences of their constituencies. Examples of relevant characteristics world-beater be geographical area of birth, occupation, gender or ethnicity. The nous of the latter is that an elected body should reflect a take of the voters theyre intended to represent regarding outward characteristics. On the subject of representation, Melancton smith held: ...when we speak of representatives is, that they resemble those they represent; they should be a arrogant picture of the people; possess the knowledge of their circumstances and their indispensablenesss; pick up in all their distresses, and be dispo sed to seek their real interests. (Storing, 1981) What Smith meant is that having power of taxes, duties and legislation carries with it the responsibility of personally head the circumstances of people who are being represent. If this idea is to be achieved, representatives should be chosen from a small local pool. He worried that the concerns of the masses would not be adequately represented by individuals more interested in self foretell and corruption. Smith outlined a scenario of outdated bias that aristocrats should be hailed as the most fit representatives who by their status would be best enabled to succeed; middle tier representatives, while allowed, would be merely tolerated. He maintained that poor and middle form would have less influence. Such ideas aim to use helplessness and misery among one sector in order to gibber power and happiness upon another. This type of representation would result in an oppressive government of the select few, excluding the common people. Smith also...If you want to! get a full essay, order it on our website:

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