Sunday, January 26, 2014

Robert Frost's poem Design. This an reader response on rewording the poem and then answering the questions in the second stanza.

Design I found a dimpled spider, plump and etiolate, On a uninfected heal-all, guardianship up a moth desire a white piece of besotted satin cloth- Assorted characters of dying and blight Mixed ready to begin the morning right, standardised the ingredients of a witches broth- A snow-drop spider, a point wish a froth, And dead wings carried kindred a paper kite. What had that boot to do with being white, The roadside blue and innocent heal-all? What brought the similar spider to that height, indeed steered the white moth on that point in the night? What but anatomy of darkness to desecrate?- If design govern in a thing so small. check in your mind the little scene of the first stanza, serrated wrack at the first three lines, the second three, then the whiff through two and putting them in your own words. Then reprise the three interrogative sentences in the second stanza. Stop and study active the meanings of the words, perhaps looking up words like bligh t, froth, kindred, and appall. Here is how I put this poem into my own words. I found a spider, fat from a previous victim, it was white It sat on a white flower holding a dead white moth The moth is unbending and rolled in a satin coffin These three characters of doom and decay Brought in concert as if by arrangement, Ready to begin this sin rite Like the elements in the verbalism from a witchs concoction A spider still alive in the winter, a flower with fermentation on it like the ugliness and repugnance from a diseased animal. As the spider rips the wings from the moth they float onward quietly The flower was turned white, the color of innocence, this flower, heal-all, has medicinal qualities. The question is arouse medicine help the moth or spider... If you want to abridge a full essay, order it on our website:

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