Friday, November 8, 2019

Wethersfield Connecticut essays

Wethersfield Connecticut essays The United States is a country which developed its advancement of democracy in stages. One can say that some areas were more highly evolved than others, however at some point in time the regions and states lacking in the proper balance between freedom and authority would learn from those that were better developed. The town of Wethersfield, Connecticut is a paragon that portrays how one town may be more constitutionally focused in some ways than others, which paved the way for the remaining lands to improve and alter their laws, rules and freedoms to further the nation to a well A Democracy can be explained as a system with equality of opportunity. In this form of democracy, every citizen of the country has the same chances at acquiring the most benefits for himself, no matter what they be. In the small community of Wethersfield, Connecticut, there are many progressions in democracy. For example, many of the residencies were equal in size, however there is a difference in tax payment. The assumption is made that those who pay more are the people who might have more property in addition to the house itself.(Document E). Those who have more property are usually those people who are wealthier. Therefore, it is shown that the affluent people are actually paying more taxes than the less wealthy. This is a step towards developing a better sense of Democracy because the amount of taxes being paid are decided in a fair manner. This is just one example of how Wethersfield is growing democratically. Although it is long before the Civil War, slavery is already becoming a major issue in the territories. However, by 1774, the amount of African American Slaves had decreased, just as the amount of free African Americans has significantly increased. (Document A). From this count, it can be inferred that masters were freeing their slaves, perhaps realizing the injustice being done to the African American...

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