Saturday, October 19, 2019

Wetlands Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Wetlands - Research Proposal Example Other reptiles, mammals and birds have not only made wetlands their habitats but also a breeding site (Russo, 2008). The wetlands act as a sponge in trapping runoff water during a rainy storm and as the water is released slowly it is filtered thus removing toxic substances. Water will move through the plants and the small spaces in the soil allowing nutrients to be absorbed while pollutants will be trapped. Although seventy five percent of the earth surface is covered by water, there is only three percent of fresh water. Therefore, it is important to seek alternative ways of purifying water for the six billion people in this planet to consume. This research will test the hypothesis that water at the end of the river will be cleaner than at the beginning. I will evaluate if the ecological environment around the river will clean the water as it flows downstream. The study will test if wetlands can reduce the amount of toxins carried away in water runoff by using its plants and other micro-organisms in the purification process. The Passaic river has several swamps and meanders thus making it appropriate for the research study. The research will seek to identify which types of plants or organisms will be crucial in minimizing pollutants. Different plants will have varying results in the amounts of reduced chemicals; therefore the study will establish the type of plants in the wetlands that removed the chemicals more efficiently. Likewise, it is important to establish the effect of the toxins on habitats of the wetlands and the harm caused by continuous drainage of metals into saturated ground water. Wetlands can be classified differently using the system developed by Cowardin that divides wetlands according to the aquatic environment they are connected to. They are categorizes as: Marine wetlands that are found in seawaters, Estuarines that

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