Friday, October 4, 2019

We googled you case study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

We googled you - Case Study Example For this purpose, the company required a winning team headed by a competent team head. However, the candidate, Mini Brewster’s, involvement in aggressive social campaigns, as recorded over the internet, was inhibiting the Hathaway Jones’ HR department to hire the candidate. Brining her over the company could potentially hurt the image of the business’ newly formed operations in China. The main issue involves Mimi Brewster’s acceptance into Hathaway Jones. The company’s CEO is positive about the candidate as Mimi is a very competent and qualified individual. However, the company’s HR manager, Virginia, has some reservations regarding Mimi’s former activities as a socially active student during her years at Stanford. Her reputation on Google based on the search results could damage the company’s image among its consumers and can especially damage the prospects of Hathaway Jones opening up in China. The CEO believes that such incidents that are revealed through the internet and social media could be forgotten because the talent pool is quite limited and Mimi seems to be the perfect fit. Also, the CEO is reluctant to call in the candidate so that they could hear her side of the story. Hence, the main issue is regarding letting go of minor discrepancies that come up after studying the internet history of a candidate. The first solution to the issue is to call Mimi Brewster for an informal meeting along with the HR manager in order to inquire about her previous activities and involvement in social campaigns during her university years. This would allow Mimi to clarify her side in case the internet and Google only predisposed a certain perspective regarding the issue thereby distorting the reality. The second solution is to find another candidate to fill the position whose search history seems to be historically clean. This would

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