Thursday, October 17, 2019

Personal Ethics Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Personal Ethics - Research Paper Example My personal opinion on ideology to cultivate a better human character, therefore, is largely based upon the notion of developing all these character traits in an individual’s personality and life. Businesses being the major part of the modern life also need to depict an ethical business behavior, because their behavior must be in consistence with the values and ethics as agreed by society. Failure of any business to actually comply with what society considers as acceptable and ethically good must be a top priority of all the business. As such it is critically important that our ethical system - whether it is at the personal or business level - must demonstrate certain principles which ultimately shape our real character and orientation towards society and how we approach it. It is critical for the reason that we must first describe our underlying ethical principles. My individual ethical system is based upon the ideology of cultivating character which is based upon the traits described above. I honestly believe that in order to live an ethical life, it is critically important to first actually develop the character. Cultivating fairness, honesty and showing responsibility are some of the basic ingredients of my ethical system. (Josephson Institute, 2012). The primary principles of my ethical system include living with honesty, fairness, and duty realization while at the same time complying with the morals, ethics and values set by the society in which I live. Religion has been one of the keys to shape my overall ethical system, as I believe that it has the power to actually shape the way we make distinction between right and wrong. Apart from this, my experience with the world, so far, has also provided me an insight into developing an ethical system based upon the notions outlined above. I truly believe that my ethical system is a duty

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