Friday, October 25, 2019

MP3 - A Controversial Technology Essay -- Expository Essays

MP3 - A Controversial Technology Technology is constantly changing and reinventing itself. With every new invention there will be controversy on how it affects the industry it is within. There will also be those who exploit the new technology is some way or form. MP3’s is an example of a controversial break through in technology. The question arises should the music industry embrace the opportunities MP3’s can offer or fight it. MP3 is an audio compression that speeds up the transfer of digital music files. By shrinking the size of the track, downloads take only a fraction of the time that they used to. MP3’s also feature solid-state technology, flash memory and the ability to download and store high fidelity music. With an MP3 you not only create your own personalized music soundtracks you can email them to friends all around the world. MP3’s change the way that music is distributed. Only marks the start of a new market in Portable Digital Audio Devices (DAD) By simply logging on to your favorite music portal site you can use MP3 playback software at no char...

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