Friday, October 11, 2019

Modern Living Has Made People Weak, Unhealthy and Disease Prone Essay

Modern living means adopting the western culture, smoking, drinking, eating pizzas and burgers, etc . Working at night times in a BPO or a Call Centre is now a days modern living†¦. people doing night duties don’t get proper sleep and hence leading to sleep disorders . the busy life of people has made them jump to a easier way of living †¦ i. e. , eating the junk or packed food which is full of preservatives . We can see teens and adults smoking in shops, in parties, on roads†¦. It is because of maybe stress or even peer pressure†¦ But smoking reduces 13. 9% of the life†¦.. Isn’t this unhealthy? But modern living makes us obese and also mentally sick as scientifically it is proved that brain automatically relaxes†¦ So the people working in the companies become mentally ill and sick. People have hardly no time for proper exercise and proper food intake. Now a days a walk in the garden has come to a run on the treadmill†¦ You want to go bicycling you go to the gym and that’s the way it goes †¦ exercise is not only for burning fats and carbohydrates but for getting in touch with the fresh morning air which keeps you active the whole day, All the people are trying to turn their simple life into sophisticated living. But people don’t realize that modern living is directly affecting their health. May I ask: Do we have enough time to go for a walk in nature to breathe in clean and fresh air? No, certainly not. The results can be seen in hospitals. Obesity is because of the busy life style which make people to prefer junk foods to save time. I do agree with your point that AC helps us in summer but it reduces CFL which causes holes in the ozone layer which allow the UV rays of the sun to enter the earth and cause skin cancer

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