Friday, August 23, 2019

Role that race and ethnicity played in the evolution of the American Essay

Role that race and ethnicity played in the evolution of the American working class from the Spanish-American War to the eve of the Second World War - Essay Example In Spanish-American war, Cuba and Philippines were involved because these countries were the colonies of the Spain. American government helped fight the wars of these two countries against their colonizer which led to their victories. Having won the wars against Spain, America gained control over these countries and expanded its interest from Latin America to the Pacific. American economic interest also grew due to newfound alliance with the countries involved. It also opened doors for the Americans to trade with the other nations adjacent to these countries which mean free market and free taxes for the American capitalists and wider international markets. American economy soared high because of these reasons and American capitalist started looking for cheap workers for their growing businesses. Import and export businesses of basic commodities such as spices, wheat corn, cotton and other basic needs began to grow. After the war, middle class or working class started to come in Ameri ca due to expanding businesses and industries. Migration of Filipinos and Latin Americans started to grow due to open ports between America and countries of alliance. It has not stopped since then, and became the main composition of American working class today. Before the war, majority of the working class in America were African-American but after the war immigrant workers started to pour in from different parts of the globe. They saw America as a good opportunity to seek greener pastures and improve their lives that cannot be attained in their native country. Spanish-American war and the Second World War had a great impact on the American economy. Wider international market, rise in import export of basic commodities, more job opportunities and a promise of a better life were the reasons why immigrant workers started to flock in America. Aside from this American government had gained so much advantage in terms of political and economic aspects. Today American working

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