Sunday, August 11, 2019

Executive Summary on Technology Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Executive Summary on Technology - Research Paper Example As such, the potential of saving business costs and increasing its efficiency while at the same time offering reliable services to the clients cannot be overlooked. The benefits of adopting cloud computing are numerous though there are also some risks that may be incurred. But given the increasing benefits of this technology that a company can utilize, adopting it will be essential. The company will benefit from faster deployment of new business capabilities, lower-risk business innovation, global scale outreach, more intelligent IT spending and easier automation of IT services and information from the relevant sites. Some of the risks to be incurred include outsourcing to an external provider which gives the flexibility but does not eliminate the risks incurred; storage of data outside the company may be of great concern and the probability of vendor lock-in due to the different services provided by each vendor. With such details, the company can make better decisions on how to deve lop the technical ability of the company. Introduction The main aim of this report is to explore the benefits of adopting a different strategy on the technological front. ... Interactions within and without have become easier, faster and more secure with each party expressly meeting their demands with such minimal supervision but with constant communication being core. Thus, speed, cupped with technology adds flexibility and responsiveness to interactions. It also allows for far-reaching collaboration with different applications connecting larger business networks. This allows for the blending of talents and abilities which makes innovation quite an important aspect of the company. Adopting cloud will be important in realizing these goals and the report herein will look at all these important attributes that make up this important technological drive. Therefore, the benefits herein will ensure that the reasons behind such a proposal will be adequately addressed with each point being explored further to ensure all risks and benefits are addressed before a conclusive decision can be made regarding the same. Each decision has to be viewed in relation to the business core policies, goals and objectives with the best decision made in favor these rather than individual interests. What is cloud computing? Globalization has made it important for every company to seek ways of reducing the costs while increasing its flexibility, versatility and innovation to capture more clients. Cloud computing describes the storage of data through internet connections. This creates virtual data storage capacities which are virtually unexplored in many cases due to the huge capacity that they possess. This reduces the manual storage capabilities, making it easier to automate services and archive them with ease. This may be done via a private cloud where services and infrastructure are maintained and managed by a third party or the company;

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