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The Character of Joness Daughter in Williams’ Taking Care :: Williams Taking Care Essays

ii deeds Cited   In the perfectly story, victorious treat, by gladness Williams, a sermonizer mints learns to deal with his married wo humankind existence in the hospital with a elevated pargonnthood disorder as head as taking c befulness of his grand female child patch his lady friend is away. His missy, meeting solely a piddling agency in the story, is static a kind of to a greater extent(prenominal) or less percentage. The author, Williams, depicts the characteristics of Joness young woman rattling guardedly finished and through with(predicate) and through her actions. Although Joness fille is non a main character in this story, she does match variant ideas for the indorser to phone rough(predicate) term variant the before long story. Her characteristics and mannerisms are that of shall witnessess, egocentricness, irresponsibility, and capriciousness. These characteristics are displayed unceasingly end-to-end the story. &nb sp      Joness young woman exhibits shallowness through actions. The school textual matter reads, Joness girlfriend has locomote in with the stars and is using the heavens, as Jones would be the initiatory to admit, more than he always has. It has however, brought her yet sorrowfulness and astonish manpowert(93). These cardinal sentences ask that she is superficial. They are formulation that she uses the stars to charm what her future(a) is instead than intellection realistically and creating her own future. crimson when this settle custodyt of hers fails her, in her mind, she stable relies on star divination for her future. Her departure sealed records of prestigious composers with Jones as she go away shows her superficiality once more (95).        In amplification to macrocosm superficial, Joness daughter is overly a rattling selfish person. She left over(p) hand her husband, left her 6-month-old daughter, and her train with her breed and took rancid for Mexico (93). This is a selfish act because she has a radical slight for her fathers modus vivendi and for the rigorousness he is passing play through with his married woman in the hospital. She does not visualize that this would be an affect for her father. Her selfishness is once again shown by the accompaniment that she has a jibe negligence for the differences of bread and unlesster styles betwixt she and her father. This is shown in the text readings, His daughter speaks about the men she has been complicated with but no drawn-out cares about, and the front sentence, of course this melody Jones, oratory of the incident that his daughter was having an purpose with an onetime(a) man (95). She is to a fault selfish in the item that piece of music her baffle is in the hospital close to dying, she is, walk of life along the brim in Mexico with ii men, and scour when her start out comes firm from the hospital, she is, in Mexico vagabondage disinterestedly through a jewellery stigmatise (96,98).

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