Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Kite Runner (Write Hassan's Story) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Kite Runner (Write Hassan's Story) - Essay Example This showed the harassment and troubles that the ethnic minorities faced in Afghanistan at the hands of the pathans. After the incident with Hassan, Amir and Hassan moved apart when Amir put some money under Hassan’s pillow and blamed Hassan for stealing. Hassan took the blame and went away with his father while Amir moved to Pakistan, and eventually to America (Hosseini 295). Ali went with Hassan to a mountainous region which was isolated in central Afghanistan and was inhabited by their ethnic race. Hassan has always been loyal and good-natured. He is rather an innocent child who became a victim of the sexual desires of the rapist who raped him. The story unfolds to the fact that Amir and Hassan have been separated. While Amir is in America living a peaceful life, Hassan spends his whole life and death in Afghanistan in the country which is the focal point of the Soviet invasion and wars, and later the centre of violence of Taliban. Hassan’s father Ali dies due to the violence and Hassan gets married and has a son who is soon sent to orphanage after Hassan and his wife are killed by the Taliban (Hosseini 316). Hassan’s life has been tragic and innocent throughout and he has seen very less of good things just because he was an ethnic minority living in a violent country like Afghanistan. He spent his best time while he was with Amir in his house as they both played kite running and spent a lot of time together. It was after the rape which leads the change in Hassan’s life and shaped Amir’s guilt of not helping him throughout the story. This shows the ugliest picture of the injustice that the ethnic minorities had to face in Afghanistan. After Hassan leaves Amir’s house, he is forced to serve his rapist who belonged to a rich and powerful family. Hassan cannot take any action against his rape and instead has to dutifully serve the rapist just because he

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