Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The Impact of British Airways' Corporate Brand Name Essay

The Impact of British Airways Corporate Brand Name - Essay ExampleFrom assets to job opportunities to complete consumer propitiation Van Riel and Van den Ban (2001) have stated that coming up with collective inciters is a long and challenging process which entails the preservation of a companys name and reputation along with other consequential factors. This process is generally accomplished through the stakeholders making use of the particular corporate grass.A company can come up with their own brand by using a sign, character, figure, image or any representation of a concept that will recognize and distinguish their products and service when compared with other companies. To simply put it, the brand will put the company forward and allow the usual to recognize them. Findings have confirmed that a potential customer will pay a large amount of money for a good, satisfactory brand while staying loyal to such brand (Shih 2009). Because of these actions, it is necessary most espe cially for companies and organizations to fully understand the role of brands as well as the consumers thoughts, feelings and behaviors toward it. Brand name along with the manners on how consumers act toward it have received a small deal of attention in previous studies. Identifying and implementing brand names symbolise a very important role in any kind of business as companies, despite any challenges from competitors, can gain advantages in vertical by using the appropriate branding strategy. To avoid committing marketing and branding mistakes, a company along with its customers must be able to understand how important a brand name is and how it can positively or negatively affect consumer behavior. In previous studies, researchers only highlighted the significance of a company brand however, over the recent years, the concept of a corporate brand was introduced to the business sector and studying such type of brands has revealed very important aspects in branding.

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