Tuesday, June 18, 2019

How is Let America be America applicable to today's America Essay

How is Let America be America applicable to todays America - Essay ExampleHe is saddened that America has lost it way and says that he never felt true freedom in the USA. He appeals to the reader and indeed the general public at large that they should work to bring back America to the status of the leader of the free world. This poem was written in 1935 in the Great Depression age (Rampersad, 4) but is relevant even today. Explanation This selection consists of two stanzas. In the first stanza (Hughes, 725) the poet says that the USA should revert to the ideal of being a dream fulfilled, as the leader of the free world. Just like the part of mankind searching for freedom from oppression, America should be a pioneer in ensuring that people honor freedom from oppression and enjoy civil liberties as their basic right, across the civilized world. This is a democratic ideal and America has been known to champion the grounds of democracy across the world in the present times. It regards democracy to be the best system of Government because the people elect their own representatives who then atomic number 18 entrusted with the duty of serving the people in the most effective and efficient manner.

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