Saturday, May 18, 2019

The Dare

My head begins to ache as I dwell back thinking about how I got here, the lumps in this uncomfortable bed dig into my back. I rarity how I can possibly manage to think with these various machines that bleep continuously and kindly faces that hold open flood tide to check my temperature and whatever else they need. They keep asking Are you alright, duck? I mean seriously, do I look like Im alright? Im covered in cuts and bruises and from what Ive heard the doctors telling my anxious p arents they are not going to be able to reattach my severed point to the chaos of tangled nerves and brawn in the bloody stump mediocre above my left knee. I begin to rock easy back and forwards in silent reaction to the ache radiating from my stump and the memory of that night comes slowly back to me.*****It was a jolly inconsequential day in the middle of the long, lingering pass holidays when the accident happened we were all really bored and could not think of anything remotely interesting to do that we hadnt do at least a hundred times already, finally aft(prenominal) about an hour of twist down bad ideas and sitting thinking in a frustrating silence for something that wouldnt be sneered at, soulfulness suggested we play take for granteds. Everyone appeared to be pleased with that idea so that is what we decided to do, but even then I had my doubts because I knew what my friends where like and I dont wish to sound boring but I didnt particularly regard to put me or others in danger with the kind of dares I knew my friends would come up with.It started off fairly innocently with people being dared to do silly little childish things like knocking on peoples doors and performning out-of-door, flashing your bum out of the window and a range of others like that, you know the sort. Until someone, no doubt thinking they were being grown up and funny, dared Georgia to jump off the balcony. She was obviously smarter than we gave her opinion for because she refused b lankly, saying that it was dangerous and wed blend ourselves killed, but we all ignored her and told her that if she didnt like what we were doing to shut up and go away. Looking back I wish I had taken her advice and left with her.Anyway our group began to run out of ideas so we decided to walk around looking for inspiration for the next dare which would be mine.We ambled around the nearby areas and came across a bridge over a pathway that was busy in the rush hour but mostly unused by cars at night and Laura squealed the fatal speech Ive thought of an amazing dare. My stomach turned as the rest of the group discussed the details of my dare and a little voice in my head repeated Georgias warning from earlier Youre going to get yourselves killed. I know what your thinking, voices in my head I must be clinically insane, but it must have been my conscience or something like that. Whatever it was I should have taken more notice.My friends told me after about five minutes of decidin g, what my dare would entail I was to jump off the bridge when it got good-for-naught and in the small likelihood of a vehicle passing under it I was to try and repeal being add up. To them it all seemed so simple someone would stand underneath to tell me when the road was wanton and then I would jump, but the nagging voice in my brain wouldnt cease. Yet I didnt want to voice my concerns and appear a coward, so I just nodded and arranged to meet them there later.I dont know how I managed to talk myself into turning up at the bridge that night or how I forced my self to laugh as I looked down from the ledge I was standing on and prepared to jump but somehow I did.My offshoots shook as I waited for the homeal to jump. I tried to ignore the voice echoing in my brain, but I couldnt back down now. My dress wouldnt let me.My friend called up to me Its all clear now. Jump so I closed my eyes, held my mite and leapt off the ledge. I felt myself falling quickly like a stone for what seemed like ages. I opened my eyes and screamed. Blurred colours flashed past me. Coming towards me I saw a blinding, shiny light steadily speeding towards me. The sound of an engine reached my ears. My heart raced as I saw in slow motion what was going to happen to me. It came closer and closer not slowing. Cant they see me, cant they stop? I thought, If they dont slow down theyre going to hit me. My life flashed before my eyes and my heart pounded like a thousand drums. The last thing I thought before I felt myself finally hit something was Oh my god Im going to dieI came around and I was almost blinded by the lustrous lights that surrounded me and was vaguely aware of what sounded like people screaming. As my eyes slowly came into focus I looked around me and my so called friends were nowhere to be seen. I suddenly felt an excruciating pain coming from my left thigh. I stared dazed for a moment at the torrent of blood gushing from my leg and the distorted mess ten feet away tha t used to be the other part of it. I went into seismic disturbance and passed out.Hours later I awoke in the hospital with my worried family beside me and the doctors filled me in on what had happened as I had jumped from the bridge a car had been heading towards me from underneath it. Just before I hit the road I bounced off the bonnet of the car and which couldnt stop in time and ran over me causing my leg to get caught up in the wheel of the car and dragged along the road, which caused the bone to snap and break away from my body leaving me lying bleeding on the road behind it. When the ambulances arrived there had been no sign of my friends.*****So thats where I am now, sitting in my hospital bed and contemplating what would have happened if I had just listened to myself and not let my pride take over. But thats what happens when you take on stupid dares.

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