Sunday, May 5, 2019

Technology Plan Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Technology Plan - Assignment ExampleThis paper will examine a engineering science plan for a health care services memorial tablet.A health care services organization (HCSO) can function a lot better if it has the right kind of information at its tendency without any wastage of age. Efficiency and effectiveness are two important necessities for the smooth functioning of such an organization. Thus, it would be necessary for a HCSO to have a computer network covering all the terminals inside the create linking their records and data together. A centralized server with direct wireless connectivity with all the nodes would be an idealistic route to provide real-time data from one PC to another without the hassle of paper or wastage of time and human resource.Careful planning can even see a paperless management system universe implemented at the Indus Hospital, Pakistan which made the greatest technological advancement in terms of a infirmary by adopting to a purely paperless system (Garib, 2008). Truly speaking, such a feat would give an HCSO a competitive advantage in terms of productivity and efficacy. With wireless connectivity instead of wired terminals, the HCSO can in addition have distributed printers within the organization so as to facilitate the printing of various slips or documents honest the customer or the doctor instead of a centralized print server.The use of computerized logs with regards to the number of hours addicted by each doctor or healthcare specialist will give an HCSO the flexibility to think on its core operations. Such systems work with near field communications devices or RFID tags and perform at extremely impressive perfection rates giving the organization the ease of doing away with manual and hard payroll processing systems. Auto-payroll systems are quite the norm and can be easily implemented at an HCSO with slight modifications to suit the scenario.Technological advancements are the light of the day and thus if

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