Thursday, May 9, 2019

Structural Configurations for Organizations Assignment

Structural Configurations for Organizations - Assignment ExampleFrom the guidance point of view, this climb up is credible. For instance, it is not possible for an organization to achieve optimum flexibility and specialization without day-and-night evolution of its structure. Web inclusion as a concept initiates new connections and link people therefrom exposing them to new organization methods. Consequently, continuous improvements on the existing organization structures can be initiated (Helgesen, 2005).Additional onward motion to structural configurations remained formulated by four authors including Veld, Schaap, Termeer and Twist in their book, Autopoiesis and Configuration Theory. Based on their approach, organizations operate within diverse environments and each has its individual way of integrating into the surrounding in impairment of technological and structural configuration (Veld et al, 1991). The key point in this case is the fact that managers should view organiza tions as structural entities and avoid unnecessary fragmentation that would otherwise jeopardize the effectiveness of organizational activities.The pros of Helgesenss approach over Mintzberg are the initiation of continuous improvement in organization structure, improved flexibility and specialization. However, do of continuously transiting into a new organizational structure may be complex and consequently dis serviceous. Similarly, advantage of the second approach is that the effectiveness of the organization is improved by centralization of its activities because they are viewed as a whole entity and not irrelevantly fragmented.Csaszar, Felipe A. 2012. Organizational structure as a determinant of performance evidence from mutual funds. Strategic Management Journal 33, no. 6 611-632. Business Source Complete, EBSCOhost (accessed July 2,

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