Thursday, May 2, 2019

Project Management - Planning a wedding Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Project Management - Planning a marry - Essay ExampleIn this case, victorious into consideration the objectives and goals of the experience would be imperative. Every couple would like to have memorable and unique wedding incorporating a great menu, beautiful decorations, enjoyable music as well as the best honeymoon. In this case, create ideas about color schemes, decorations and flowers matching the scheme, food and cake ideas, music, activities and games for guests as well as favors. co-ordinated the dress codes, invitation cards, thank you cards and themes with other arrangements. Collaborating with the bands, caterers, decorators and designers who would be providing these services. In essence, it would be important that these contacts be followed up with to fasten and ease the arrangements. Booking the reception venue, the church as well as making honeymoon arrangements and incorporating the appropriate table and venue decorations to match up with the set out theme for the oc casion. Taking tutelage of the dressing arrangements for the bride, the groom as well as the bridesmaids and grooms men. Have the time schedule understandablyly give tongue to and liaise with wholly the stakeholders to ensure that the wedding arrangements go according to plans. This would also entail communicating with all the stakeholders to ensure that the wedding starts and ends on time. erst the service is over, it will be important that all arrangements ar made so as to ensure that, the reception venue is properly equipped with chairs and tables, plates, cutlery, water glass and napkins. This also entails ensuring that the cake, food and drinks are ready as well as making arrangements with the entertainment band. Once the wedding ceremony is over, paying attention to the honeymoon arrangements would also be imperative. All these activities... It is evidently clear from the discussion that project management also involves management of the project plan implementation, as well as running regular controls, in launch to ascertain that there is objective and accurate information pertaining to the performance, in line with the plan. In case the project is not going according to plan, either as distant as usage of resources or following the process is concerned, recovery follow throughs would have to be devised and implemented to open it to the right course. Given that projects are essentially temporary or short term in nature, they constrain the development of unique management strategies and technical skills all aimed at meeting distinct goals and objectives. Marking the splendour of project management is the fact that the project is constrained in terms of funding, deliverables as well as time-duration within which it has to be completed. The main challenge for project management is essentially the achievement of all project objectives and goals while honoring preconceived constraints. The secondary challenge is optimization of the resource alloc ation and integration of the unavoidable inputs so as to achieve the predefined objectives. In quality control, all the characteristics of the project would be examined in order to ascertain their capacity to meet the implied or stated goals and objectives. Quality control refers to the use of activities and techniques that compare the positive performance quality with the intended goals and objectives as well as defining the appropriate course of action to respond to the shortfalls.

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