Saturday, May 11, 2019

Portland State University Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Portland State University - Essay ExampleThe four goals of Capstone course that have been influential towards producing socially responsible students are Communication, Inquiry and Critical Thinking, ethical and Social Responsibility and lastly, the Appreciation of Human Diversity. The experience that I gained during the study of Capstone course has been so helpful in my life (Portland State University 2). As mentioned above, the goal of the course was to enable students develop victorian inquiry and critical thinking abilities. During the study, I was given assignments of reading a consider of books then leave office short write-ups that linked the material covered in the book and current events. After doing a number of these assignments, I was able to gain mastery in relating strategic management concepts, theory and frameworks to the current events. In addition, I developed skills or ability of understanding implications and results of the current events in business practice. Capstone socio-economic class also entailed class discussions that involved the division of the course students into groups. Critical thinking as well as inquiry was essential in contributing during discussions.

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