Monday, May 27, 2019

Monogamy in Marriage

Western grows generally believe that monogamy in marriage tends to protect women. Societies such as Saudi Arabia that praxis polygamy, however maintain that allowing a valet to have more than one married woman is a more equitable way of organizing relationships. Notions of family and marriage change from culture to culture. One cultural approach to family practiced in some parts of Middle East is polygamy.However, Just like in the United States sometimes culturally permissible is not always condoned. Women having a career in Saudi Arabia is limited, woman marry to have children and to have companionship. More popular for a man to have many wives, they feel then they know the child is theirs. Where if a woman takes more than one husband, there is, the question is whom the father of her child is. approximately believe that a man in that country is Just being given a license to satisfy their lust.Where woman have a committedness to one man they marry. The parents of many daughters request when they arrange marriages that the husband not take more than one wife, before the permission to marry is given. The first wife detests the husband taking a second wife creates Jealousy, and if the man takes more than ne wife that they treat them equally. The second wife will remove herself from the home if she does not feel she is treated equally or with kindness.Same sex marriages moved to the toretront last month As gay marriages are now against the law in every state, the Massachusetts ruling has generated fierce opposition. Lawmakers pledge to strengthen their states law prohibiting same sex marriages interracial marriage has strong public support, and no undefeated politician or prominent public fgure is in favor of outlawing such unions. Some Senators and representatives proposed a constitutional amendment specifying, Marriage in the United States shall consist further Offa union of a man and a woman.Another interpretation of family and gender roles are being eva luated in a study of children of same sex parents. The raising ofa 2 year old, the boy was offered three different toys, two different. The two year old selected the baseball mitt and the truck instead of a doll and a small stuffed pony fgure dressed in pink. Two mothers are raising the boy. That has heterosexual couples as friends. So the boy has male role models around him at times. This study showed he was the typical, boys will be boys.

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