Thursday, May 16, 2019

Life Physic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Life Physic - Essay Exampleite-up, predictions on the future status of the existence centers on the phenomena of rapid glacier meltdown--its impact on humanity and the Earth as a whole.For the past millenniums, the Arctic Ocean had been viewed as a region pooling with glaciers but in the last three decades, shrinking of churl in the area increased from 2.8% to 11.1%, as more looking glass (are) melting during summers and less new ice forming during summers (Parks). This region is not the only one experiencing meltdown crises. In Northern America, famous ice peaks in Glacier National Park had dwindled from 150 glaciers to less than 30 structures (Glick 1). Such occurrences show that the meltdown is no long-acting a regional concern, but probable global crises.In such trends, the status of the Earth whitethorn reach to a point wherein afterwards 25 years or more, land terrains may be moderately covered with sea urine, pushing both man and animals to higher grounds for survival. Studies show that about 50 meters of seawater had been added in the Antarctic Peninsula in only half a decade (Sea direct Rise). As temperature on the Earths surface continues to elevate, the Arctic and other regional glaciers may be lost in 70 years, filling up the world with water in those periods in time (Habitat Loss). In such scenario, risks of partial land wipe-out may occur after 25 years, and increases during the next decades.In effect of possible water deluges, land-based life forms are at threaten to extinction. Predictably, shifts in glacier activity can affect agriculture, drinking water supplies, coastlines, and ecological habitats (Yohe). As sea water rises and encroach on freshwater sources, water supply for human consumption can be by and large affected. Food sources can be destroyed, especially in areas near coastlines, where sea water saline disrupts ware and growth of crops (Cimate Change). Hence, food and water needs are deprived with massive sea invasion in land areas. Unfortunately, large

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