Monday, May 13, 2019

American National Identity 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

American National Identity 2 - Essay ExampleSince America is the superpower nation of the realness, there is reason enough to believe much(prenominal) claims, and quite rightly so. The hoi polloi are satisfied with their lives largely and do not like to ruffle with the lives of others. In essence, America is a assuage world where every soul has the right to be free on his own and let others enjoy their freedom n matchlesstheless (Schlesinger 1998). These are some of the most seek after aspects that America brings to the fore when wiz thinks of the superpower nation of the world, a nation which manifests success, growth, development and gage matching none other. Even though the September 2001 attacks on the America were something tot every(prenominal)y out of the blue, the Americans sapidity safe more than ever. They know that their country is being protected from the evil forces which are widespread tout ensemble over the world. They trust their government and they know th at they have become the superpower nation of the world with a better and more resilient ideology than any other country in the world (Schuck 2008). This has come about through a lot of hard work and dedication that the Americans have shown for their country, and the demeanor in which they have been cohesive is something that stands out in a head and shoulders scenario when one compares America with the embossment of the nations around the globe (Huntington 2005). When one wants to know what the most significant factors are that make tribe to date America, the answers seem ready and coming. This is because America is such a happening place that people would like to be there at any time. They would give up their homelands just to be in America a place where they can dream to be in. There is a good amount of diversity that one can witness within America. This has meant that there are different races and communities that have started to live in America. It is because of this that there are several languages that are being spoken in the country. These have meant that English has started to break atomic reactor and it has given rise to a number of languages in the different areas and states of America. This is true that people no intermin able-bodied need to learn English if they want to live in America or even realise it from time to time. There are so many ethnic communities widespread in America that one can make do with other languages as well, and thus live easily without a doubt. in any case the fact that America allows people to enter into its different states and regions through a legal procedure is something that asks of people to cherish their stay as long as they are within America. The legal ramifications for the illegal visitors and immigrants is indeed very harsh and this is one of the reasons why Americans feel safe that unwanted intruders would not be able to enter into America. However on the flip side, America has more problems than any other country in the world. People have unequal chances of getting jobs, have basic problems like the rest of the world, and enter into wellness and educational issues just like others. There is violence within certain states, one of which is Texas where many people die due to a number of negative incidents that have started to come to the fore (Bellah 1967). But all in all, America is a heaven to live within, and this has been proven time and again by the

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