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The General Information For Anti Globalization

The creative activitywide Information For Anti GlobalizationAnti-Globalization was defended as a belief shared by various political groups that mountain mustiness oppose world-wideization (=the process of making or sothing such as a business operate in different countries close to the world) because of bad effects it has on concourse, especi onlyy in growing countries, and because of the damage it does to the environment the Longman Dictionary of modern English Advanced Learners.Almost the anti- globalisation activities are spontaneous, the people whose benefit was moved(p) stood up then carry outed the anti-globalization activities such as demonstration, ask for relieve In fact, the activities which are opposite to globalization back end be separate into 2 groups Anti-Globalization and Alter-Globalization.The anti-globalization group directly opposes to the globalization activities they think that the movement of people everywhere the frontier must be controlled str ictly explorer other sylvans native resources and humane resources are not permitted. This group argued that biodiversity and natural resources can be damaged permanently and mainly call for democratic representation, advancement of human rights and more egalitarian states.The targets of this group are the World Bank (WB), Inter state of matteral Monetary Fund (IMF), the Organization for economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the World Trade Organization (WTO) and free trade treaties like the North American tolerant Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), the Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) and the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS).Alter-globalization is the name of a social movement that supports global cooperation and inter work on, but which opposes the negative effects of economic globalization, feeling that it often works to the detriment of, or does not adequately promote, human values such as environmental and cl imate resistance, economic unlessice, labor protection, protection of indigenous cultures and human rights. WikipediaThe different between anti-globalization and alter-globalization is anti-globalization against any kinds of globalization but the alter-globalization just mentioned about human rights, the environment, national sovereignty, and cultural diversity and so on.There are 2 popular forums for anti globalization World Social Forum and World Economic Forum.Chapter 2 Why anti-globalization still exist?To analyst the reverses of globalization, we focus on three objects that the globalization affected to local anesthetic companies, local population, and the local economic.Firstly, the local firmsWhen the nation open to globalization too soon, and too sudden, the local firms had not prepare enough to face with the rivalrous of over sea corporations will go to bankruptcy easily. It is easy to find the example for Chuong Duong companySecondly, the local populationIf the global ization incurred, local firms go bankrupt will cause the unemployment, the new organizations which had not launch enough yet can not hired these new unemployees, this cause the high unemployment rate. This is the main terra firma for indigent at Africa.Disease can move from country to country very fast because the people can travel to other countries by air, by bus, trains or other transportation in the curtly time. This cause the diseases spread very fast and became the reason of thousand cases of unused at 2006 for bird grippe from Indonesia and spread to other countries, 774 cases for SARS in 2003 at China and other East Asia countries, millions people dead because AIDSBrain drain talent will go out of the poor countries to the richers. This situation can be seen much at Africa, India and many poor countries all over the world. These countries finance to these students to go over sea study but they have never come back after graduated.Income distribution thirdly local econom icThe economic can not stable when the nation join to the worlds mart, it will be easy affect by the world situation, let came back to the crisis at 1997, the economic of the world had been affected.The create countries force the developing countries to cringe trade barrier but they keep for themselves by hamper the developing countries to export agriculture products which are very important for they to receive foreign currency earning.If the nation opens the securities industry too soon, sooner than establishing of the local organizations, the creating new jobs will less than the loss. The export of this nation will not develop, the import infringe instead, deficit flummox serious day after day. This nation will poorer and poorer. ultimately the local societyThe develop countries will export the pollution to the developing and undeveloped countries by indue the pollution goods industries, second hand goods to these countries.Chapter 3 Advantages and disadvantages of anti- glob alizationAdvantagesAnti-globalization can warn to the world the significant problems of the world such as warming of the earth, pollution, forest destroy, greenhouse affect, and so on. So that the governments and organizations can perform the actions to reduce these affects.Pollution as many countriesRacial discriminationSex discriminationThe war at Iraq and othersTo revealing the truth that have never disclosure themselves of IMF, WB, WTOAnti-globalization in addition calls for help the world when the actives raise the problems, the people all over the world can catch them then they may perform some activities to solve these problems.DisadvantagesThe demonstrations affected to social securities, many people die due to the extremist actions of the demonstration activities. The governments withal have to perform many actions to control these extremist activities.The power of the voice of the anti-globalization still weak, the persuade ability of this organization also weak, can no t appeal large group of people to do things, almost the activist just prevail alone or just at a small group.The anti-globalization are always action without organization, they just a group of people who were hurt by the activities of one organization then stand up and perform anti actions.Lack of evidenceLack of effectiveChapter 4 The anti-globalization activities at VietnamIn general, the anti-globalization activities of Vietnam are not many. This is because Vietnam performs globalization too late. After 30 Apr 1975, Vietnam was achieved to be an independence country. Almost people agreed that during ten years after the independence date was the black period of Vietnam economic. Almost activities become stagnation famine incur in many areas event at Mekong delta which was the biggest farm in the country education, health care and other social welfare were totally ignored.The globalization of Vietnam begins at 1986 with the open market policy name socialist-oriented market economy . Thank to this policy, the economic of Vietnam reversed, farmers got his own land (event in temporary) for manufacturing and alive. Up to declination 2001, US-Vietnam Bilateral Agreement was signed this is the very important shout for recover the economic and became the first step to join into World Trade Organization (WTO).These are just some activities at Vietnam for this event to guide for higher rate of pay in the industrial zone Binh Duong province and Bien Hoa city at 2008 for some Taiwan firmsConclusionAccording to Yin Yang theory of Chinese, every thing has 2 faces positive and negative, the existing of anti-globalization also belongs to this theory, anti-globalization will exist parallel with globalization, this also the rules of the existing opposition to develop, and develop must contain opposition. wit also issued the theory for relative every thing

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