Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Relationship between one's principles,the investigation of truth and Essay

Relationship between ones principles,the investigation of truth and how to lead ones vivification - Essay ExampleThe person would then conduct his life according to the principles discussed and the truth he finds out. The ternion atomic number 18 clearly related to each other as while living a person should be following those principles and he would be required to know the truth too. Socrates had been imprisoned due to speechmaking out his mind and was scheduled to be put to death. All because he had been investigating truth and verbalise what he thought was right. He was not given the freedom of speech. However, when Crito asked him to escape and get away from the injustice, he did not agree and felt that he should follow the common principles of those times he thought that the rules are for everyone and should be for him too. In Antigone we see a similar situation. Sophocles says Gods law is greater than that of gentlemans gentleman and he did that in order for the populatio n to be safe from moral destruction (Johansen 96). Another etymon is that of civil disobedience when Creon and Antigone have differing viewpoints. While Creon feels that the law should be followed whatever it is, Antigone feels that the state law is not absolute, and that the law of gods is much greater and more to be followed. In fact, his view is that the state law hindquarters be broken if need be to follow the law of gods. That is, he clearly prefers gods law over the state law which is made by mortals.

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