Monday, April 29, 2019

Demonstrative Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Demonstrative Communication - Essay Example sign- row(a) dialogue constitutes a significant portion of everyday communication. Despite the fact that thousands of languages exist across the world, batch do not absolutely rely on words to convey their ideas to each other. Demonstrative communication can be referred to as the process of exchanging information between the sender and the receiver through signed means. It happens outside the boundaries of verbal form of communication (Sonneborn, 2012). Demonstrative communication entails expression of feelings and messages in an organised manner. It is an powerful way through which people understand and express their feelings or ideas to others. Demonstrative communication is made up of body physiology as well as nonverbal.Body communication involves space and appearance. Space can be essential in delivering information. For example, while talking to someone and he tries to move closer to you or touch you, by retreating or taking a few steps backward is a show that you do not want the person to come closer to you or to have any body contact with him or her. Moving back will show the other party that he or she is occupying your space. Similarly, appearance plays a significant role in conveying information from the sender to the receiver. The mode of dressing, hairstyle, or even musical composition application will send certain signals that convey particular information about an individual.The body language of individuals is perhaps the most understood form of demonstrative communication.

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