Monday, April 22, 2019

Accountability Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Accountability - Essay ExampleThey some(prenominal) set a level of standards for their subjects which they are required to conform and abide by in the function administration. The two organizations monitor and regulate different subjects. The APSA regulates individuals who are involved in political science these overwhelm students, teachers and professors (The American Political Science Association, n.d). The New York adduce Public Officers Law Code of Ethics sets a frame work for officers and employees (Public Officers Law, n.d). The difference in the subjects and nature of professional discipline room that different principles need to be applied in either case.Though the two codes share quasi(prenominal) goals in their implementation of principles, they have a different jurisdiction as the New York code is throttle to the state public officers whereas APSA can even protect non American scholars. Hence, the difference in this aspect is the discretion of coverage offered by t he two codes.The two codes have different approaches in implementing and prescribing public administrators accountability. The New York State Public Officers Law Code of Ethics regulates behavior through a punishment process whereby trouble to abide by a certain code results in a form of punishment or penalty. The APSA however, is more authoritative and guiding and has fewer elements of threat or negative

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