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The Collected Works Of Nicholas Cottrell :: essays research papers

The salt away Works of Nicholas CottrellCollected Works, Vol. 1Disclaimer and Copyright Notice All works at bottom are copyrighted to NicholasCottrell, hereafter known as "the author". wildcat copying is prohibited.Each reader is authorized to make five (5) copies and beam them in anymanner as wide as gain is not gained. This contains subject matter that youmay find disturbing or inappropriate. Please do not read it if you think youmay fetch offended.Table of Contents0. macrocosm1. "Spring" - The genius romance song in here.2. "Spirals End" - a poem of revenge3. "Of Teenage distress" - A short story4. "Nomad" - loneliness in writing5. " frat Boys" - anti-drinking6. "Reflected Waves" - a poem of surprise at oneself7. "Phoenix" - a poem of redemption8. "My Friend In Misery An Ode to Missa" - a poem of convey9. "Bleeding" - a poem of being drained10. "Observations of Corporations" - A p artial derivative view of life.11. "Fallen Hero" - Read the disclaimer12. "Singularity" - the one way out13. "Short Views" - More views on life IntroductionA while back, my poetry won me a statewide award. ever since, Ive beenpressured to make a compilation of some of my crap and send it some to bepublished.This collection is just a bunch of stuff I threw together, not much thought toit. If you like it, tell me so My netmail address is, writeme. Ill write back each and every soulfulness by hand, I promise.Well, on with the show, I suppose.1. "Spring" A travel with gentle petals in the garden grows amongst the weedsLove, like the rose thrives in lifes turmoils like the carefully planted seed          - Nicholas Cottrell2. "Spirals End"Too long have I spent Explaining what Ive meant Too long have you comprehend myominous words Whimpering, you cry on your knees, you die.   & nbsp      -Nicholas Cottrell3. "Of Teenage Sorrow"     A childs cries in the night awaken the mother, who stumblingly findsher way to the crib. Is it a bottle, or a diaper change? The mother does notknow. Inadequacy fills the teenage mother, and blinds her to the childs needs." decay in Hell, kid." she mutters, crawling back into a bed where a engender shouldbe but wasnt. The childs unrelenting tears force her from her nighttimereverie, abd tousle her back to the nursery. "Shut up, kid" she growls drowsily."Dont you know I have coach tomorrow?" But the baby does not know, and herhowls fill the night. Lights come on in neighboring apartments, and shoutsreach her ears.     "Shut that kid up"

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