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Stereotyping and prejudice in the workplace

Stereotyping and hurt in the picnicact stationThe safe and sound cosmea urbanized day to day because of globalization. Every person keister go one state to another simply much thanover the actor of written report, or study. While a person from one incompatible surroundings or dry land work totakeher with another plenty from a different surroundings, that time they both takes their own hearty status, refining, nature, believes with them, which ar dissimilarity between each other (Google question) As a result, inequality arises deep down a lot in their running(a) place because every people rent different attitude towards the person which may be dictatorial or may be minus. The purpose of this assignment is to discover the fuss arise in publicnish dominating workplace which especially approach by women and similarly analyse the issues and build recommendation for taking deed by comp both as wholesome as provide mitigate solution. This briefing paper focu ses the slipperiness study of Ms. Rosina Chamar, employee of self-propelled forefinger render International Pvt. Ltd. The business of this company connected to not tho in Nepal in addition running in European countries too. After overview the congealing of reference, wad and PEST analysis has been discussed to solve the job. At last of the paper, let oncomes plus forecasts has been disposed(p) for make better suggestion.In this briefing paper, to make overhaul the difficulties on workplace, Hofstede ethnic Theory and SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and terrors) analysis could computer backup a lot to repress the occupations or to meet the best results. Also immaterial factors PEST ( semipolitical, Economic, neighborly and Technical) helps to analyse the Situation and find suitable result.Terms of Referencethither be some(prenominal) people around the humanness, who think they atomic number 18 to a greater extent than top executiveful and superior than other people. This is not result of todays condition because this happened from the offshoot when there were kings and servant, where the very strong people were respected and worshipped opus the weak ones were became servant ( Lisa Gayagay, 20091). The aim of the assignment is based on the occupations which lay out by the person especially women who are working in place in a male dominating country like Nepal. At graduation, we all must(prenominal) get under ones skin to know that stereotypes absorb generations regarding the typical features of the people. very(prenominal) as injury is a manner of the people which can be positive or negative that they show without knowing of the fact. In the grapheme of the sex stereotyping which occurs when persons are judged according to traditional typecast based on gender. Either developed countries or undeveloped counties people ready to fence with these types of problems ( mischief, chapter 5).Who I amI am a senior direction Kritika Gautam. I am working in BK Legal Advice adviser Pvt. Ltd since 2005. During my working period I have got more knowledge and find every day. I have got degree from University of Bedfordshire, England in Law and gay Resource Management. So my degree and my working experience help me to get right decision and solve problems. As an advisor, my duty is to take out her in that situation. Its very essential that an advisor have to solve the lymph nodes problems. During my experience, I have got chance to learn the different problems confront by people because of cultural dominating, traditional dominating. And badly have to say that women are the main target of those resistants of problems.Who my thickening isMy lymph node is Ms. Rosina Chamar. She is working as a monetary officer in Dynamic Power Supply International company in Nepal. She is approach shot to a multinational company to work from farming(prenominal) community. Because of her talent and graduation leve l educational certificate she got an opportunity to work with a multinational company. In our Hindu market-gardening, women were b slighted as Shakti / Devi or military group to achieve everything. People were worshipped her vision, sympathy power and correct her justice. I have good distinction of opinion with Rosina Chamars issues. After listening her words once, her words struck me. According to my client, in our society we die hard treated women like goddess or servants. thither are so numerous examples which show that women have been demoralized, neglected and exploited since the days of caveman. In her case, the first issue is that she has to struggle to stand in male dominated culture where bad languages and sexist jokes which may be norm of man and she un rescindably to consider those types of things. Next point is that a male ego also makes difficult for him to accept a charr from set about cast as his senior even she has the right educational background and cred entials (Pushya S, 2009).What helps my client wishes?She has come to me for support because she has faced umpteen problems. My client Ms. Chamar, she wishes to get palliate of these problems. To win a male dominating society, she must have to regulate in her company. Thats wherefore after facing many difficulties she save working in that company. Either my client is a well educated cleaning lady and has 3 years experience in relevant field simply unfortunately she has to face problems in her work. And lastly she has to come to me to get fancy and advice to solve the problems.Overview of the situationIn the present situation of our country Nepal, the culture and behaviour of people of townshipspeople is totally different from countryside. Town get a more modernized and practical. Working in an office is more stressed and have to practical knowledge to do. Also people of the town are totally different from their behaviour, language, outlook and attitude. They have given more priority in group assignment provided she has a problem to work together with men. Because she is from low cast and medium family background, her colleagues have negative thought process toward her culture and believe and main thing she is woman. Even town is a place of educated people but the behaviour and intellection of their still same like an ancient period. So, this is a vital problem she has to face. My client first should have to be awake all these situations in advance taking decision that she will do continue the job or not.After agnizeing her all problems, the main problems she faced everyday in her workplace are like the given below and she has to be fudge to get rid from these dither.Attitude The problem of attitude of men close to her is very negative because she is middle class women and she eternally like to be reserve. Thats why may be her workmates thought that she is unfriendly and self-righteous.Wages paste In every enterprise, women still earning les s than their male co-workers. Not only my client, many women around the world had very few rights and also could be sacked from job simply because of their family and social problem like women had to play a role of mother, housewife. So they have to problem to be a full professional. Thats why even they work hard and active still they get less salary than other equal men. Ms. Chamar also faced same problem of less salary.Cultural difficulty When a woman comes in different society to do something for her hereafter she has to face many problems and the cultural difficulty is one of them. In village most of the families are not allowing to women to work outside the own society, but while coming in town she has to work with different types of men where they have apply thinking, culture and environment.Male dominate For better organizational future, company must have to use many type of technique to work. And male and womanly both are part of good decision making. So my client has t o come to work in male dominated society where the male consider as a superior as compare to the distaff. So it is very hard for man to work with the talented and active female staff. She has a good work experience and knowledge but the man who has top position in the society so they have comparatively hard to follow behind the female.Social and family connection In our Nepali society women has many social barriers and restricted. She must have to follow social rule and morals. But in city life all have freedom to do anything. And she has problem to accept suddenly this condition in her life because it takes few more time to understand.Harassment The last and serious problem she faced is harassment either sexual or languages. round(predicate) the cases of sexual harassment (Farler, 1978), it mentions examples of many groups of working women young/old, professional/labour, and large/poor. It is endemic but very critical issue to workplace. In the case of my client her co-worke rs and senior managers wanted to take sexual relation with her and they always try to behave badly and mislead. So she is always afraid from that situation and tried to keep safe self from them.Geert Hofstede Cultural DimensionThis prejudice problem is not individual problem because the whole society and world faced these types of problems. Not only had women from Nepalese society, all women around the world directly or indirectly beard this problem. Geert Hofstede recommends a theory to understand the cultural differences between peoples, genders and countries (Prentice Hall-Financial tine, 2002). There are five aspects which help to clear the differences between male and female discrimination in workplace and society.1. Power Distance great power (PDI)2. individuation (IDV)3. Masculinity (MAS)4. Uncertainty Avoidance Index (UAI)5. Long Term Orientation (LTO)To illustrate in a higher place phases of cultural differences the represent of Asian and European countries show these b rieflyFive dimension theories of prof Geert HofstedePower Distance IndexPDI demonstrate the imbalanced allocation of power between the people. This is a level towards which the less powerful members of organization have to accept and seniors of company distributed this unequally. In this graph, Asian countries have highest PDI with a be of 70% compare to European countries average of 40%.The power outstrip between Asia and Europe indicate the high of inequality of power and wealthiness between genders within the society and culture and even in organizations.IndividualismIDV depends on self ego. In preceding(prenominal) graph, Asian countries have 55% individualism where as European countries have 80%. These huge difference figures indicate that European people were free minded and self interdependent than others. Asian people and European people both have different culture, believes, ethnic and behaviour. Women have social boundaries in Asian countries.MasculinityMAS represents the aloofness between the mens value and womens value. In preceding(prenominal) graph Asian countries have MAS as the lower Hofstede dimension of culture with a ranking of 60% and European average just approximately higher at 70%. It surprisingly shows that not only Asian countries have more mens value because women of European countries also faced this situation. There is not a huge dissimilarity between Asia and Europe.Uncertainty avoidance IndexUAI deals with a people and society towards patience for uncertainty and doubt. It represents that a traditional program its associates to think both comfortable and uncomfortable in open conditions. Where uncertainty is escaping in people of those countries has full of power. In above graph, the uncertainty in Asian countries is 50% and in European countries, it is in 40%.Long Term OrientationA higher LTO could be indicative of a culture that is economical and perseverant on the other moot the short term orientations are deference fo r believes, rewarding social commitments. The LTO accounting of Asian countries is 60% and European is 30%. Thats shows the result is Asian are short orientated and European are long term orientated. summary of the situationSWOT analytic thinkingAfter the overview of the situation, it is better to analysis the case through strength, weakness, opportunity and threats condition of my client. Starting from analysis of internal factorsStrength(S) positive sense on skills and attitude Work hard in any situation and strong emphasis on decision Power to convey own career path Experience on work and pollyannaishWeaknesses (W) Lack of patient Weak communication and fearful mind-Too fiducial and always shy-Soft hearted and never say no to othersOther international factorsOpportunity (O)-Power of leading staffs and company-Promotion in very high position-International working-Possibility of being example of successful women in societyThreat (T)-Dissimilarities between genders-Traditional mind of people and social cultural barriers-Criticism and prejudice in work-Issues of cast and fear of self identityAll above mention points clear that she has a good opportunity to take defense team on prejudice but her weaknesses stopped her to face challenges. Lack of power and support affect her. Thats why after analysis her internal and external weak points and possibilities, she has more positive points which help to support in her future success and stand for defence of imbalance condition of workplace.PEST AnalysisIt is usually used to build the strategies to search external environment. It helps to evaluate the problems created by external surrounding issues. PEST identifies Political, Economic, Social and Technological factors of macro environment.Political area has a huge influence upon the regulation of business, society and countries as well. Government has many policies regarding the case like more breeding and awareness about harassment, gender gap, wages facilitie s in workplace. Government reinforce and mounting the systems for monitoring equality in employment (Eurofound, 2009).So, my client has to clear knowledge about government policies and rules.Economic Factor (E)In present, women are a large part of the employment. They are involving in every kind of work same as men. Either they both work same kind of work or also women do better than men but women get less benefit and wages than men. But today many human rights- national and international agencies and government policies came aware of that situation. They made rights against discrimination and also granted other minorities protection in the workplace. Therefore, she has to talk with her directors about her problem.Social Factor (S)In our Nepalese society, women has treated like piece class citizens in work and most those people who are from lower rank. Many people either educated or illiterate have same thinking that the community of Dalit (Lower caste) which is not considered pa rt of human society. Thats why these community members generally perform the most menial and degrading jobs. My client Ms. Chamar, she is also from Dalit community. Stereotyping about this cast is they must handle dead animals and also consume their flesh. So this is very critical for her to faced bad thinking of people about her and her caste. Under the Nepalese constitution act (1990), caste discriminations were made a criminal offence and there are many rules about stereotyping and discrimination.Technological Factor (T)In worldwide, women tend to have less access to education, training opportunities so prejudice and stereotyping still placed in our society. In the case of Ms. Chamar, she has to develop her communication skills more and try to interact with other social literate persons also developed consumers relation. Because of science and engine room covers the entire world so she must has to get more information about universal achievement in science, politics, economy and society.Solution and recommendationAfter analysis all situation, it could be said that this is not a very big problem to solve. Her internal weaknesses and outside issues, cultural differences in society as well as differences between Asian and European culture, after discussing all these areas I would like to suggest to my client to touch towards these recommendation. As an advisor, I came to the solution of her case like these ways amend interpersonal skills and power to face challenges.It is better to make a sum of co-workers for equality rights at workplace.Planning before taking every put to death regarding safety and power.Try to avoid behaviour of tolerance everything.Interact with various(a) professional contacts which help to learning about different culture in company.Try to know about office policies to determine how to handle harassment. match that the area which create around you help to keep safe in workplace.Never tackle the harasser. If they threaten and you fe ar for safety, go directly to circumspection and directors.Expand your sensitivity and keep an open mind to diversities.Make it your determination and exercise commitment and patience to remove stereotyping and type casting in workplace.Apply effort to challenge to learn from things that hard to understand.Forecast and OutcomesStereotyping and Prejudice is a norm of every people in our culture. It takes still more time to move bad thinking about faiths, castes, cultures, and believes of peoples. It would not be change from effort of one person whole society and nation has to do full exercise to keep safe self from stereotyping and prejudice case.Here in the case of Ms. Rosina Chamar, she is either well skilled and freehanded minded but after facing these problems she become more weak, bollocks and helpless. These all happened not by her mistakes because these all came from society, governments weak policies as well as peoples ancient thinking. There is also fault of Management o f Dynamic Power Supply Co. because if they take her problems seriously, she would not be in trouble now. If she will try to be bold and motivate self to avoid her challenges, these problems will be no more. Her threats will decrease automatically. There are so many opportunities she has, so she has to develop her strengths more. And it is better for her if Dynamic gets her problem seriously and take action regarding her problems. If she will get positive support from management no doubt that she will obviously do better work for company.

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