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Witness 1985 Short Story

Carter didnt recognize the room he had just woke up in. Conf make use ofd he sat up and pick uped a bend, his eyeball only when pickings a moment to adjust to the dimly lit surroundings. The room was truly plain and almost completely uncase aside from a clean desk he sat behind and single light bulb that hung low- floor from the ceiling. Seeing a door out of his right eye he went to move for it, only so nonicing the handcuffs restraining both hands to where he sat. It must be cemented to the ground, he panorama, because no amount of sinuous on his behalf could move it til now an inch.Goddamit Where the hell am I? he shouted at the cement wall in front of him, see the room for anything that might give away his location.He didnt come along to be hurt apart from a dull throbbing at the screening of his head the likely source of his unconsciousness and a minor(ip) cut on his lip that filled is mouth with the taste of flavour and rust. His law of nature label was sti ll clipped to his shirt and it similarly appe ard undamaged. Hey, soul help me heap anybody here me he yelled.Keep it to buildher, Carter, he thought. The belong thing I lease to do right now is panic. What had happened? His memories originally had woken up here were nothing simply a haze. Closing his eyes tightly, he tried to picture where he had been before he had woken up here. The memories started to trickle finished the evil of his mind, gradually forming shapes and images until it finally washed through him like a wave and he could remember. It had started with a phone shout outDid you acquaint the kids interview to Shaefer? the fundament had asked from the telephone.It was the middle of the night and the cry (out) had been a rude awakening for Carter. The Amish boy had been the only protest to a law awayicers mangle, but Carter didnt exist why the interview was so important. Nah I didnt get around to it, verbalise Carter sleepily, stifling back a yawn. Wh ats goin on reality?I havent got period to explain, came Books cheesed off voice. I want all the paperwork on the Lapp case to disappear. I need it done tonight, do you understand?Do you fare what youre telltale(a) me to do, John? he asked, shocked and now real much awake. unspoilt do it, man, retorted Book. Im gonna disappear for a couple of eld.Whats going on, man? asked Carter alarmed. What is happening?Ill call you when I washbowl, said Book. And be careful. Schaefers in this too.Book hung up leaving Carter utterly astounded. It was one thing for McFee, an esteemed narcotics detective, to be problematical in this drug scheme as considerably as the murder of a fellow officer, but now their Chief of Police as well. What was he going to do?He went to the station that night to get the files. The file room was deserted but that didnt stop him looking at over his should every three seconds.The paper shredder was waiting in his get when he got home. To Carter it looked mor e than like a dangerous weapon he was round to commit some awful crime with. What the hell am I doing? he said under his breath This is against the law.How much was he risking for Book and the Lapps? Going to prison, certainly, but perhaps something even worse? He couldnt help but think what Schaefer and McFee would do if they found out. At that moment Carter looked overcome at his tag. Even upside-down he could evidence the brass coloured motto engraved into it.Protect and serve, he said firmly. After a brief pause Carter turned on the shredder. You owe me one, man, he muttered to himself as he pushed the files into the machine.The next few days at the station were spent with his head down. Luckily, without his Book around, Carter was busy with both of their cases, magnanimous Schaefer only a couple of brief opportunities to interrogate him. Each time Carter had played dumb, Book had up and ran without telling him anything. Three nights aft(prenominal) receiving the call from Book, Carter was called out for duty. The alley was dark and deserted as he walked along littered with broken glass and old newspapers that fluttered in the dust-covered even breeze. Carter pulled his coat tighter around his body, but I could do nothing to nurse him from shuddering. A drop of rain landed silently on his nose. He had live in Philly long enough to know a bout of thunder and lightning would soon follow, but he was too preoccupied with the squeeze raging in his own mind to take much notice. He had been called out to investigate one of the slum-like apartments that filled the alleyway a viable homicide perp. An automated light switched on as he stopped orthogonal the apartment, bathing him in its brilliance. It distracted him enough so that he did not notice the figure that step out from the shadows behind him, hearing only a whoosh of air as something heavy was brought down on his head.Clack Clack Clack Carters eyes flew open as he heard the sound of approaching f ootsteps. The door opened, and in walked Schaefer followed intimately by Mcfee. He expected them to be behind his kidnapping, though he thought they probably had some hired crony knock him out. incomplete men were smiling and Carter could feel their eyes shooting bullets at him. Mcfee was safekeeping something heavy in both hands, though looking into the shadows Carter could not draw off out what it was.Schaefer approach the desk and looked down on Carter with an exasperated expression. You knew you couldnt vacate me forever, said Schaeffer, slowly circling Carter. Why dont you tell me where he is, Sergeant? You know, dont you?Carter stared forward, hardly daring to breathe.I just want to talk to him make him see sense, continued Schaeffer. I know hes with the Amish. God, Id do anything to see him now. Can you imagine John at a prayer congruo utilize? he said, chuckling.Go to hell, spat Carter.I was afraid you might say that, replied Schaefer. Mcfee, draw it over hear.Mcfee d id has he was told and brought the object over to the table, setting it down with a dull thud. Carters stomach fell when he precept what it was. It was a car battery. He was full of terror once more at the sheer thought of being tortured. He had to do something, anything, to escape this fate. He did his best to keep his composure.Its called a picana and it can deliver twelve thousand volts of electricity, explained Schaefer. It is very painful, you can trust me on that, so just tell me where he is so we dont have be unpleasant. Carter said nothing, instead looked him straight in the eyes, noticing that Schaefer failed to meet his gaze.Lost the meaning, did you, Paul? said Carter.What, responded Schaefer.Isnt that what you employ to say about quaggy pegs? explained Carter. Somewhere along the way they lost the meaning? John told me about it. He alike told me that you taught him everything about being a cop. I speculate you cant teach someone how to be a scumbag.In that instan t, Schaefer could see Book sitting in front of him and he was brought back ten years when John had been fresh out of the academy and where he still lived for the law. But those days were over.Schaefer leaned over the desk towards Carter until his face was only a foot away, blocking out the light, so that Carter could see every stemma on his aging face. You can, believe what you like about your precious hero, John Book, but hes no better than the rest of us.This could be my chance thought Carter. He looked at Schaefer for a moment and past spat a round ball of saliva into his eye. Youre not a man, said Carter. Youre nothing but a queasy piece of garbage.Carter could see that his comment had hit home. A look of slender loathing entered Schaefers face and, like lightning, he pulled out his gasoline and pull the trigger. In the split second it took for the bullet to hit him, a million thoughts rushed through Carters head, but is felt the heated fire in his chest and the darkness c losing in, one overrode them all. He had done his duty. He looked up at Schaefer and saw the regret in his face at what he had just done. Protect and serve, he utter finally, and closed his eyes.Composition Questions1. Which task option did you choose?I chose the foundation of incident / episode1. (i) get out the setting(s) (ii) How is the setting made significant?The invention is set, for the most part, in the room of an old warehouse. The setting is significant because it is very separate from the rest of the world, just like to Amish and the corrupt police force.1. Describe the character(s) no more than three main characters (advise one or both characters) by1. Sergeant Carter1. Authorial description a honourable cop who is looking to protect and serve the innocent and defend anyone against the corruption of the police2. Dialogue Carters dialogue testament reveal that he is a self-assured, confident policeman who leave behind stick up for what he believes in3. Action and interaction the way Carter acts when he is captured will show that his is unfearing is the face a danger and will do anything to fulfil his duty.4. opposite characters opinions of the someone The conversation between Book and Carter shows that Book trusts his partner whole-heartedly even with the whereabouts of his hiding place. Paul Schaefer on the other hand respects Carters integrity but at the same time loathes him for the fact that he has not become corrupted.1. Narrative elements1. Establishment The establishment takes place after Carter wakes up in the warehouse. It shows the call from Book2. Complication Carter happens out that Scahefer was knotted with Zenovichs murder and must destroy the Lapp families file so they can not find them or Book3. Conflict After avoiding Schaefer at the station he is called out at night to a bastard perpetrator and is then knocked unconscious4. Climax McFee and Schaefer come to the warehouse to suspense and torture Carter in order to fin d the whereabouts of Book.5. Resolution Carter realises he will betray Book and the Lapps if he is tortured so he find a way to anger Schaefer enough so that he will kill him first. He manages to do this a dies at peace penetrative he has done the right thing5. How did you use description in the story to create a dominant impression?Giving a description of the room in which Carter had been imprisoned as well as the dark alley in which he was assaulted help create a dominant impression.6. How did you use foreshadowing by reactions, sentence and phrase length, motifs, images or symbols?I primarily used the motif and symbol of the police badge and police motto to create foreshadowing. Carter didnt know if he do what he required to be law, or what he was required to do as a police officer. Then he looked at his badge and saw that he needed to protect and serve. He could have chosen to save his own life by turning book in, but the audience knew this would happen after he looked at the badge. There was also some dialogue use in which he ask rhetorically what Schaefer ad Mcfee would do to him if they found out. When he is walking down the alley, it is cold and about to storm which is a foreshadowing that he is about to be captured but also shows the helplessness of his situation.7. What is the invited reading of your story? How do you use story elements (incident, statements, actions, reactions, motifs) to make the reader interpret an idea, a person or an event favourably, or less favourably?I invited the reader to look less favourably upon the theme of police corruption by using the phone call event between John and Carter as well as implying that Schaefer has tortured people before.1. Which point of view narration did you spud (first person central first person limited third person limited third person omniscient)? Which laboriousies did you encounter in trying to reveal this point of view?For almost the entirety of the story I used a third person limited narr ation, or at least(prenominal) it seemed I did however at the end I give a brief perspective of Schaefer that make to story third person omniscient. It was difficult to change the perspective from one person to the other, as it seemed to give too much information to the audience.1. Which purpose did direct speech serve in the storys effect?Some of the dialogue was very upstanding and it was used to highlight the drama of certain scenes as well as the over all story.1. Where have you used crosscutting and/ or flashback?The story starts off when Carter wakes up and realizes he has been captured. He then tries to remember what has happened the last few days and it flashes back to a phone call he had with Book. It then describes the events that lead up to him being captured and the cuts back into the scene in which he is captured. Schaefer has a brief cross-cut when he remember Book when he started on the force1. Give examples of your use of pathetic fallacy.The room in which Carter i s bare and dark, which shows the mood of that he is in at this point. When he is walking down the alley, it is cold and about to storm which is a foreshadowing that he is about to be captured but also shows the helplessness of his situation.1. Have you settled on one incident or episode (see task options) in which flashbacks are used, including one or more voices conveyed by reported thinking or by direct quotation?Yes I decided to insert a episode in which the murder of Carter takes place. I use the reported thought of Carter and Schaefer as well as the dialogue of Carter, Book and Schaefer.1. Did you unify the move of the story by motif, symbol, event or juxtaposition?The symbol of the police badge and the motif of the police motto, protect and serve, run through the story. There is also a constant juxtaposition of light and darkness in respect to the good and bad cops.

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