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Utah Family Center :: essays research papers

     We chose to learn about, evaluate and present the do Family center. The goals of this piece of music argon to explain the logistics of the program, to tie in concert what we learned with Epsteins Framework, to suck up the climate and those who typically utilize the center, and include some final lowest thoughts about the center. As a group, we referred to the Utah Family Center website, we visited and walked thru the center, and we talked to great lengths with the personnel. We were open to take pamphlets and we took digital pictures of the center to utilize in our group presentation. We worked together to write this report about the Utah Family Center. LOGISTICS     The Utah Family Center is placed at 5192 Greenpine Drive (460 West) in Salt Lake City, Utah in the 84123 secure code. The telephone number is (801) 266-6166. The hours and days of operation are 900AM until 400PM Monday thru Friday. When special classes are offered, th ey are usually on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 630PM until 830PM. When one particular class is offered, it is on Saturdays. Their website is, and their e-mail extend is The Utah Family Center started small but increased in size once they received grant funding six geezerhood ago, and with the help of the PTA and the Utah department of Education.They share office space with the Utah PTA Headquarters. This particular location is the comprehensive administrative center, and there are contrary branches of the Utah Family Center that they refer to as satellite centers. There are nine satellite centers, and they are located in Logan, Price, Kaysville, Monument Valley, business district Salt Lake City, Tooele, Provo, St. George, and Ogden, Utah. The satellite centers range in size depending on the theater of operations they are in, as well as the times they are open. The statewide administrative center is equipped with a large boardroom up the stairs (seats 40) and a small one downstairs (seats about 12).      The staffing consists of the film director, Barbara Smith, her secretary, a pecuniary advisor, a counselor, other assistants, workshop teachers, and numerous PAT (Parents as Teachers). The Director manages the center. The classes are directed by nationally certified trainers.     The Utah Family Center is funded through repeated PIRC (Parent Information & Resource Centers) grants from the United States Department of Education Office of Innovation & Improvement. A PIRC grant is base on helping low performing schools that struggle, with the No Child left(p) Behind concept a main focus.

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