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Enter Thomas Hardy Essay

Enter Thomas audacious, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Robert browning, Gerard Manley Hopkins and William Blake. The poets be seated slightly a sm both table in a crowded and agitate Chinese restaurant, at the heart of Texas. After the initial shock and fanaticism of their unwonted experience, they all meditate on the state of the gentle creations gentle piece of music in which they flip accidentally landed, poring over a newspaper cut that announces the goal of a young girl as a result of diacetylmorphine overdose.A heavy privateness has set on the poets table, in distant contrast to the loud mirth of the small Chinese restaurant. Raising his brow, braw interrupts the silence. He speaks slowly, with a clear unless tired voice Hardy Surely my beliefs are streng pasted by this terrible mishap. If only thither was a malevolent ruler of the universe to blame for the cruel remainder of this young girl. Then all our voices would roar against him, accusing him of injustice and absurdit y. We would pure t maven betrayed and angry that the supreme ruler of the human beings ill-uses his creatures so.But I key out it clear now, as I throw off gather inn it and heard it so much in the mysterious and neutral voice of nature all rough me the universe is a hollow shell there is no some other(prenominal) voice in this world than that of nature and guess echoing by the ages and creating havoc in our poor, somebody existence. The demise of this beautiful fry is the resolving of the impersonal and cruel force of chance to all our accepts and ideals. There are m whatso incessantly a(prenominal) of us who defecate fallen in love life with the world and its wonders, as there are many of us who put one over firelessly abominated it.I get under ones skin heard the world speak to me many fourth dimensions, warning me not to look for meanss where there are none. I have coherent heard it say to me not to look for promises in the sack up of un reliableties and in the play of chance. This is what the world has long said to me I do not promise overmuch, Child overmuch Just neutral-tinted haps and such. This fine warning still rings in my ears to sidereal day. There is only chance in this world, that is all there is. Nothing lasts and no sense drop be made of all we see around us. We look for meanings where there are only occurrences. One happening follows another and we are at the mercy of chance and time.Despite our passionate search for answers, the nature sends defend only a dispassionate, neutral response, playing its games and rolling the cuts. Casualty is the nigh powerful governing law we have and there is no hope for escape. It is this crass Casualty that obstructs the sun and rain, giving us the good enough moments and the bad moments by turns. Nature follows its own logic, not ours. And time plays dice with the world, casting its sums of moans and joy and making us obey its impersonal and strangle force. I do not see an y other meaning in the termination of this young girl.She, like the rest of us, was in the men of chance. Had her life been long and happy, she would have owed it all to chance still. There is likewise much arbitrariness in everything to believe we are ruled by a god who reasons and who loves. Nothing happens for a reason. Do not barely look for meaning in this my friends, for there are none and neer expect much, for there is nothing more The others have listened in silence to Hardys disconsolate speech. When he ceased however, Tennyson began in a tremulous, move voice Tennyson Oh, my friends, these would have been my own address once.Like you, I would have looked upon this young girls close as the substantiation of all my aching questions. I have often felt like an baby crying desperately for knowledge, for the light of meaning to suppress the nefariousness of the world At times there seemed to be no answer anywhere. I wanted to see that nothing walks with aimless feet, t hat there is no decease of life and that everything that happens has a purpose and a meaning in the larger, unobserved order of things. I wanted to understand divinity fudge as the advertent purposeer of all, the divine force that gives meaning to everything there is and does not capture anything to perish.I painfully wavered between belief and disbelief At times, I could not endure the thought that anything in the world was useless or devoid of purpose. If divinity was here with us, a mere worm would have its significance in the world and its come to the fore in eternity on with the consentaneous of the creation. But oftentimes my belief and my need for knowledge stumbled on the carelessness of nature. I wondered many times whether God and Nature were at strife, seeing that Nature lends such evil dreams. The hope in a divine order of things seemed to be shattered every time I beheld the evil workings of nature.Truly, nature seems not to care for the one-on-one life. It cr ushes and destroys and casts life away as rubbish to the void. To me also then nature was a nightmare I could not make any sense of. A while ago, this innocent girls terminal would have seemed another evil deed of nature, an unjust robbery. Life and mans entire existence seemed so futile at certain momentsA mere girl dying for no reason, a whole life cut short because of a misplaced stepOh, how unproblematic it is for reason to doubt everything and for credit to die in the mortal of manBut since, I have been shown a different path and for me faith has been renewed. Even at times like these, I belief that we have God in our souls, even if it difficult to perceive him in nature. I now know that it was the voice in my heart that has kept me from disbelief. apiece time the voice of cold reason interfered and questioned the meaning of all, my heart stood up and answered I have felt Reason made me blind at times, but my heart cried out and melted my anger with its passion. Our know ledge of God comes only in these moments when the heart answers eagerly and warmly to all our questions.The oddment of a child makes me sad beyond speech, but it does not flavour me anymore. I now believe that death is just a outline moment that takes us from lifes shore to deaths domain and Gods infinite ocean. God awaits us on the infinite ocean and he get out be our Pilot ever after, our guiding light in the infinite sea of time and matter. erst I cross over, I hope to see my Pilot baptismal font to face, and I hope that this young girl has already seen him Tennyson had verbalize warmly and tremulously, his whole soul into the words that tumbled from him. From his shaded place at the table, Browning repliedBrowning Your soul is as pure as your faith, my dear Tennyson. We have reached this strange time and place in history to meet death itself and behold it through the eyes of a child. Mortals fear death, with its unknown grasp that will surround each of us as a blot out and transport us to some mysterious realm. Life is strange and death seems even stranger. Any mortal would feel shaken in prior of this last and final struggle. But what could it be in the end, but one more experience and the last in this life? I would hate that Death bandaged my eyes, and forbore and made me creep past. I want to grasp death to the full as I have tasted this life and feel the moment in its fullness. The girl has left this world but psyche will be waiting for her on the other side and her soul will be filled again. Once I am deceased from this world, I know that I will regain my lost love and clasp her in my custody once more. Death is but a brief moment, a struggle that will takes us to a place of eternal peace, where we will rest with God. This world is indeed full of chances and mishaps, but all these will be resolved once we are on the other sideIf love has remained unfulfilled in this life, it will be rekindled in eternity.I do believe that we lose nothin g by death and that the other life is as rewarding as this one. I do not fear death and only expect it to ask me back to my loverThis girl must have led a tormented life, the prey of her own restless desires and questions, like all of us. She will distinguish her peace in the eternal life and she will find her place there. There is nothing to fear, not even deathI will wait for it but not as an end, only as a new and fresh showtime. Browning had but uttered these words that Hopkins beganHopkins Shake off the discontent that has intruded upon your hearts, my friends You see the death of a child as a black and tragic event, and it certainly seems so when our mortal and untrained eyes behold it. Man is frail in the hands of the divine will, his powers are limited. But the more mighty seems the staring(a) ruler of the world The drudgery of our existence seems to hide Gods glory from our eyes. Generations have trod, have trod, have trod and all is seared with backing bleared, smeare d with toil The earth itself smells of man and his works.Yet, in the midst of all this patronage and toil we the world appears charged with the grandeur of God. His creation and power and infinite and so are the possibilities of the world. It is through Gods almighty design that we see light disappear in one part of the world, cognise that it suddenly begins to shine in another. Just like light and darkness always coexist, nothing reigns in nature for an unlimited period of time. by the power of God, the good and the bad coexist in the world at all times. This girls death is compensated by another design of God, perhaps unknown to us at present.Only God could make all these different things come into existence at the similar time. Nature is never spent, there lives the dearest freshness deep tear down things. Tasting life, with its good and bad moments, we taste of the very glory of God, who is watchful to pour his infinite essence into everything there is. Death is not an e nd as long as God lives in everything, as long as joy springs up from each fresh beginning. Each day begins with a morning and ends with a night, and yet nothing is ever the same. Gods glory shines through all things, like a botch that you shake in the light.There are no dead things in this world all matter becomes translucent and fiery with Gods light. With a death, the world may seem bent like a hunchback, crushed underneath the weight of loss, but overall I see the shining spirit of the Holy Ghost shaking its bright wing The body of the world will ever be lifted by the wings of the almighty spirit There is no permanent death and no reason for sorrow in a world in which we see the proof of Gods greatness in everything. gather up how to see the world anew, rejoicing in the immense power of the Lord, that is without beginning and without end

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