Saturday, January 19, 2019

High School Compared with Collge

A unattackable rearing is an important part of life. To strike a good education a person must graduate from advanced take aim and accordingly college. High inculcate prep ars educatees for college, tho distributively student must trace his or herself to succeed in college. The umteen similarities and differences between gritty nurture and college can help and hinder each student in his or her goals to achieve a good education. Some of these similarities and differences between high school and college atomic number 18 the type of students, the herculeany of the mobes, and the differences in class schedule.The differences of students in high school and college begin with high school world a population where a person attends school with most of the identical classmates that he or she has grown up with. No one has a true identity except the reputation or image that a person has strengthened for themselves over the years. Most of the people in each grade are aroun d the same age and live in the same biotic community and are friends inside and outside of class. College is usually a in the altogether human beings to students. Many students feed to different parts of the country to attend college and move away from their friends and community.This gives each person an opportunity to create a new identity for his or herself and make new friends. Also, students in college are sundry(a) ages including some right out of high school and some being older adults continuing their education later in life. A frequent theme in high school and college is bringing a meeting of students together to learn. Students are all attending classes to achieve a theme of paper that will help them in their future. Most students attend classes in high school and college because they want to be there, but the difficulty of the classes determines each students success.The difficulty of high school contrasted with college can be hard on students. Many high schools w ork to stifle students with the various grade levels and onto graduation without the students having to work very hard to sleep together tasks and assignments. On the contrary, college is a place where students must work to achieve their grades and pass classes. Professors expect students to bump off tasks, homework, and exams to achieve a grade and pass the college class. Classes in college are usually harder on students because they require more work, studying, and dedication.Many students goof complete and do non take high school classes seriously. Often students retroflex each others work and tests in high school, but college students must work hard to make sure that their work is separate and not plagiarized. Some high schools do offer college level classes to students that are more difficult and prepare students for the difficulty of college courses. Each student determines how the difficult the class really is by taking the time to study and complete the work in both high school and college.One of the biggest differences between high school and college is the schedule. Both high school and college offer schedules for students to sign up for. Students are able to take courses that interest them and will help them achieve a diploma or degree. In high school students bring forth accustomed to a severe daily schedule. School begins and ends at the same time each day and classes are held during this time and each class is the same length. College classes are very different. Classes are spread throughout the hebdomad and each class can be a different length.Students must learn to take advantage of down time in between classes to study and complete assignments. On the contrary, in high school, students are given over time during class and study periods to do work. The transition between a strict high school schedule into a more voiced college schedule can be very hard on many students. Many times the scheduling difference between high school and c ollege is the reason why students to do excel their first year of college. Students were not taught how to plan and make good use of their time with the too strict high school schedule.Even though students in high school are given an opportunity to choose certain classes to take each semester, scheduling in the biggest difference there is between high school and college. In conclusion, high school and college are very different, but they do get by a few similarities. High school prepares students for college, and college is a mature transformation of high school. The types of students, difficulty in classes, and differences in schedules can be very alike and very different in high school and college. success in high school and college depends on the effort each student applies in accepting the similarities and differences.

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