Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Great Gatsby short summary first 5 chapters

James Gatz who is known as Jay Gatsby lived a poor animation with his un smashed parents who worked as farmers. He started by working with very(prenominal) depression salaries, merely when he met Dan cody who apply to drink heavily he offered him an assistant position.\nAfter that Jay Gatsby met Daisy in which he fell with eff precisely her parents didnt lay off her to see him even in advance going to war because of his absurd background in which he lived.\nTom unite Daisy and Daisy forgot about Jay Gatsby but after 5 years from war she give Gatsby who changed a lot for her but found her married with a child and this was a fact he couldnt change.\nJay Gatsby became very wealthy through committing crimes with Meyer Wolfshien, He thought being wealthy will make him bind daisy but he was wrong. As a result of his wealth he bought a grownup mansion with a garden, a big fountain and french windows in the west egg, had beauteous clothes made from exquisitely fabrics whic h were imported from England and did many parties every(prenominal) Saturday inviting important people standardized business men and actors who didnt really know him.\n oneness of Gatsbys motives to become overflowing and live in a good society was Daisy, but now he couldnt have Daisy because of the fact that she was married to Tom and her parents will never allow her to leave him to be with a robber. If you want to crap a full essay, dictate it on our website:

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