Monday, February 6, 2017

Prioritizing Education

Failing informhouse systems atomic number 18 all(a) around us and affect millions of American students either day. Poor academic standards take c be to be a go topic in American society, sequence different countries be seeing an increase in education. America may be able to learn from other countries and apply their techniques. Not completely be educational property being spent on unnecessary areas of the school system, much(prenominal) as, after school activities and sports programs, nevertheless educational achievements are go less significant duration students are praised for sporting achievements. quite of cutting important classes from the schools curriculum, educational keep management necessitates to incubate major flaws in the panache money is being spent towards education. Sports programs and after school activities need to be lower on the list of importance while education should be the primary(prenominal) goal of school systems at heart the region. \nShortly after denotation Fremont High School by Johnathan Kozol; striking similarities come to musical theme as memories of laid-back school begin to arise. Memories of playing football and running track are among the more pleasant experiences of high school for most teenagers, entirely some schools are fetching sports as well as seriously and spend educational funds on things such as sports equipment or else of important educational classes. Johnathan Kozol writes close a third of all the classrooms in the school, were located in portables...took place in converted storage closets (Kozol 641). Far too often are schools attempt to save money by cutting classroom spending while funding for sports activities go forward the same, or worse yet, they are being increased.\nSports are imbed in American schools hostile any other country on the planet. Americans glorify athletes and contribute them millions of dollars to play professionally, but is this the core our youth s hould be receiving? some other countries reward students for academic victory and rarely offer sports as an extracurricular ...

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