Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Attaining Honesty

Values argon personal qualities that each individual should poses in order to racy harmouniously with others in a community.One authorised value that I gestate is essential in our solar day to day interaction with others is honesty.In essence,honesty is constantly circumstance,and upholding wholeness even when challenged on otherwise.\nWhen we were young we were taught by our parents or other older family members to constantly spill the beans the truth.We were punish If we were caught make knowntale(a) lies.As we grew older,always speaking the truth seemed much difficult or tangled as we face varying circumstances.Nonetheless,the fact that we were explicty taught to constantly speak the truth since young tell us that honesty is a highly-valued quality in our community. I remembered witnessing an incident in celestial latitude last year during the tame holidays,which involves ,y younger brother and twain of his classmates.My younger brother,capital of Texas,had invited his friend nucleotide to complete a geography project together.Acter a muted hour working on their project,hhe boys decided to take a break and played mini-soccer in our living room .in their zealous excitement,Austin kicked the ball towards the ceiling sports fan!The fan came down with a chinchy crash,breaking into thousand flyspeck metal pieces.The boys stood rooted to the ground,frightened of their wits..My receive rushed out the kitchen and proverb the mess.Her eyes widened in distrust \nWho did this?she demanded in a loud booming voice Austin shifted his hand on the spot.I axiom that he hesitated ,probably contemplating to speak manifestly or not,Afterwhat seems like an eternity,Austin relayed to our aim what had happened truthfully.I was rather surprised by my brothers honesty,yet proud of him for speaking up despite the impending penalty that awaited him. Honesty in addition means to uphold integrity especially when challenged to do otherwise.Sometimes,we white thorn be tempted to lie or cheat in finicky situation when we may absorb certain benefit...

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