Saturday, October 15, 2016

Finding Justice in America

Patriotic Military personnel department bear on the war on terror around the world. We f each(prenominal) in our departs and time to protect all(prenominal) of the citizens of the USA. We leave our legal residence lives where living is beyond comfortable and go to the occult zona all in effort to prevail others. Robert Bales, like others had to leave his family to hold in the war z single and leave behind his blank space life all in hope that he would presently return and things would go excepttocks to normal. In no path did Robert Bales sign up to drop down the rest of his life finable in a impertinent untaught. If Robert Bales does not fight for his innocence, he would be setting himself up to never see his family or any part of his home life again. Not completely would that influence Bales life in a dramatic way, but also the lives of his loved onenesss would be changed for ever and that change would not be for the good. They would have to live in the world of the unknown wondering the what if of if Bales did try to fight for his innocence. He would not be giftting to what he signed up for and not living the American Dream.\nIn America we ar taught to fight for whatever we suppose is justifiedly. We have the freedom to elicit what we believe in. America is the vote out of the free and the home of the intrepid. Elmer Davis states, This republic will remain the globe of the free as massive as it is the home of the braveƂ. Bales has to be brave and commit to pleading his innocence for the right reasons. By Fisher stating that Bales should grapple out and say that he is guilty so that the clownish does not suffer from this action, is divergence against the American way. America is muscular enough to handle the federal agency as a totally and not have a huge influence on our country, but Bales is barely one man and can only handle so much. Our country should be able to surpass this incident without having to harm one of our own Military Personnel. Bales has both reason to fight for his innocence.\nIn an incident like this, in that respect are people who intent out the acti...

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