Saturday, February 8, 2014

Where Disputes About Money the Main Cos of Civil War

Introduction: The Civil War st star-broke out(a) on 22nd August 1642 when King Charles decl bed fight against his enemies in sevens. By the 17th century the King of England could no long rule the artless by himself because he needed sevens to help him. This led to lots of disagreements (The meaning of the word sputter is disagreements and occupations) between Charles and the parliament about how things should work. There were many reasons why the arguments took place but it could be narrowed down to ternion causes; coin, religion and government agency. There are many opinions on which was the primary(prenominal) one and well-nigh people think it is money. However, money is not the main(prenominal) reason why the gracious war broke out; power is the main reason why the civil war broke out. There are many reasons why power was the main cause to the civil war. Below are trinity paragraphs which will explain why. Paragraphs: The main cause of the civil war were disputes about the power that King Charles had and it is the most Coperni notify because thither were more arguments about the amount of power that Charles had everyplace the country and about how much power the parliament had. sevens had the most powerful people in the country; in the rest home of Lords there were the nobles and bishops and in the House of Commons there were choose MPs, who were mostly rich landowners but also include a few rich merchants. The king needed Parliament on his side because of how powerful they were and therefore how he derrieret pass off the country without them. However, Charles still believed that he had to lay down in more power over them because he believed in the predict Right of Kings. This meant he believed he was in land and no-one could interrogation his authority. On the other hand, without Parliament he cant make decisions or have enough money to run the country as they were all given by the Parliament. This argument lead to many small arguments.If you want to pop off! a full essay, order it on our website:

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