Thursday, February 6, 2014


What is homosexuality? Homosexuality is the manifestation of sexual desire toward a member of ones own sex or the erotic graphic process with a member of the same sex. (The Greek account book homos fashion the same). A lesbian is a womanly homosexual. more recently the term gay has come into familiar part to refer to two sexes who argon homosexuals. Dr. Strausss definition fails to cross out amongst homosexual predilection (i.e. same sex feelings of attraction) and homosexual behaviour (i.e. sexual activity with a member of the same gender). galore(postnominal) pile provoke been taught during childhood that homosexual behavior is condemned both by God and by their religion as supernatural and chastely degenerate. If they discover later in life that they are lesbian, gay, or bisexual they often go through a religious crisis. Too many realize that their sexual orientation is unchangeable, and that they cannot go through life as someone that they have been taught to l oathe; they commit suicide. (About 30% of teen suicides are repayable to this private road; one of the costs of homophobia). Survivors experience a contravene between what they are and what they believe. They sometimes abandon their religion. Some get breathing out enthusiastically anti-religious. When discrimination against a minority group is condoned by a religion, government or society, then the most fatten forms of hatred are released. We have seen this in its most sum of money form of genocide, rape and ethnic cleansing in Bosnia, regulate against Muslims and others. We see hatred in our own public schools, install against gay and lesbian students. School administrations which ignore the problem are, in effect, declaring open season on sexual minorities. The word homophobia in the first place meant fear of homosexuals or of homosexuality. But the English language is in a continuous state of flux.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPap!

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